Adding More Green to SS15 for World Environment Day

MORE than 50 volunteers spent their Saturday morning planting more trees along one of the main walkways in the SS15 commercial area in conjunction with World Environment Day recently.

Led by MBSJ MPP Zon 1, volunteers planted tea tree saplings provided by the Subang Jaya City Council along the busy walkway of Jalan SS15/4; immediately bringing more β€œgreen” to the tiled up path.

The task at hand was challenging with the sweltering heat of the morning but the enthusiastic group of volunteers made it easier.

Led by councillor Ken Chia, volunteers from the SS17 Balai Polis and Balai Bomba & Penyelamat Subang Jaya; Lions Club Subang Jaya; Leo Club of Subang Jaya Alumni; Subang Utama Leos; KRT SS15/2 & SS15/3; KRT SS15 Hexagon; P3KU and the corporate sector successfully brought nature back to the area.

They were also joined by Subang MP Wong Chen and ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng who took on the task of planting their own planter box of tea trees along the stretch.

A total of 200 saplings were planted on the day; 100 saplings were contributed by ss15 Courtyard and another 100 from MBSJ.