Community Rallies Together to Raise Funds for Ambulance Service

COMMUNITIES in and around Subang Jaya have started to respond to the appeal by the Subang Jaya Community Ambulance for funds to keep the service going.

2. Petronas Station Dealers (Subang Jaya, USJ and Shah Alam) – RM3,000 worth of fuel sponsorship

More than RM10,000 has been donated by residents via online banking and donations continue to be received at the time of writing this.

Community groups have also got together to fundraise to keep the ambulance going and these include:

  1. Kiwanis Petaling Jaya – RM1,000;
  2. Petronas Station Dealers (Subang Jaya, USJ and Shah Alam) – RM3,000 worth of fuel sponsorship;
  3. KRT SS18/1 (RM2530), KRT SS18/2 (RM1,000) n SS18/4 (RM1,000);
  4. KRT USJ2 – RM6,888.88;
  5. USJ13 Ladies Activity Group – RM1,350;
  6. Ng Boon Hock and family- RM1,000;
  7. Dato Danny Tan and family – RM1,000
KRT USJ2 raised RM6,888.88

The Subang Jaya Community Ambulance has been serving the community over the last three years, responding to more than 1,500 cases in that time.

The unit needs RM15,000 monthly to operate and manage its emergency medical service for Subang Jaya.

If you wish to help, you can donate to:


ALRAJHI BANK A/C NO: 12300-1170704566

Our earlier report:

Subang Jaya Community Ambulance Running Low on Funds to Serve the Community 

KRT SS18/1 (RM2530), KRT SS18/2 (RM1,000) n SS18/4 (RM1,000)

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major hiccup to the operations of the Subang Jaya Community Ambulance, which has been attending to medical emergencies in the community over the last three years.

The increased volume of medical emergency calls over the last year and the inability to organise any community fundraising efforts have left the ambulance service in a lurch.

SJ Beacon, Subang Jaya Community Ambulance acting chairman TH Teoh said the service only had 6 months of funding to run on before it contemplates shutting down its service.

“We are running low on funds to operate our service which has saved lives across Subang Jaya. Our last fundraising effort was more than 3 years ago which helped us set up the unit and operate it.”

Kiwanis Petaling Jaya – RM1,000; Ng Boon Hock and family- RM1,000;
Dato Danny Tan and family – RM1,000

“Plans to organise a community fundraising event last year were aborted because of Covid-19. We are now left in the lurch on how to sustain the service beyond the next 6 months,” he said.

Teoh said the ambulance service had been attending to medical emergencies, road accidents and was even involved in the early stages of helping to transfer patients to Sg Buluh Hospital for tests in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

“We have saved lives by the fact that we operate in the community and respond in a nick of time to assist in any medical emergencies and to transfer the patient to the hospital for immediate medical attention.”

“Now the ambulance unit will soon be in ‘ICU’ if we do not manage to successfully raise the necessary funds to operate it. The unit needs at least RM15,000 a month to operate,” he added.

Teoh said public support was crucial as the service was for the public.

“We need help from the community to resuscitate the depleting funds we have left to run the service.”

“Every sen counts and we hope that Subang Jaya folks and business community will step forward to help us,” he said.