Covid-19 Threat is Real, says Subang Jaya Mayor

SUBANG JAYA City Council Mayor Noraini Roslan is appealing to residents to observe all the SOPs laid out by the health authorities to avoid getting infected by Covid-19.

She reminded Subang Jaya residents to always observe the SOPs to protect themselves from Covid-19.

“Even I am vulnerable despite having completed my vaccination. It shows that we need to be extra careful in our daily lives to avoid this.”

“Please, Subang Jaya, observe all the SOPs strictly and do not for one second think that you cannot be infected,” she said.

Noraini who is observing quarantine at home after testing positive for Covid-19 recently reassured Subang Jaya residents that she was recuperating at home and doing well.

“I am doing fine at home recuperating. I am still in touch with the office virtually and am contactable by my directors and officers at MBSJ.”

“Thank you for everyone’s concern. My husband was exposed to a positive case at the office,” she said, adding that having been vaccinated prevented her from getting serious Covid-19 related symptoms and helped her continue with her daily life.

Noraini said, “Observing all the SOPs had helped those who came into close contact with me avoid Covid-19. Those who were in close contact tested negative

“So wear your mask, wash your hands and avoid crowded places,” she added.