CRIME ALERT: “Orang Minyak” on the Prowl in USJ2

A resident who was about to call it a night got the shock of her life when she spotted a shirtless man in shorts on the roof of her neighbour’s house in USJ2.

Miss A heard some sounds at the back of her house at 10.09pm and went to peep from the back window of her bedroom upstairs.

“I was shocked to see a shirtless man in shorts looking like he was attempting to break into my neighbour’s house.”

“He saw me as I didn’t turn off my room lights. He pretended he hurt his hand from a fall and asked if I could open the door downstairs for him,” she said, adding that she immediately called the police.

Miss A said the suspect was alone.

“He sounded like a foreigner speaking in Bahasa Malaysia to me. I quickly shut the curtains and asked my mother to call the neighbour at the back.”

“I couldn’t really see his face clearly. When I turned to look again, he was gone,” she said.

By the time the police arrived, the “orang minyak” had disappeared according to Miss A.