EDITORIAL: Prison Sentence for Reckless Drivers and Anti-Vaxxers

Here’s wishing Malaysians both locally and abroad SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI KEMERDEKAAN and also HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY. This September, we invited our guest writer to pen his thoughts for our editorial on a topic of his choice.

By Adrian Lim

This COVID19 pandemic has cracked open the human race as a whole. It has forced mankind to display our best and ugliest sides all at once.

This is the new war and the medical frontliners have now replaced the soldiers facing bullets. In a traditional war, the soldiers stake their own lives to fight for the nation. In this war against COVID19, the medical frontliners stake not only their own lives, but, that of their own family members at home. The stakes are higher than ever.

Tiny as the virus may be, I am convinced it’s a vengeful and shrewd tactician. Ask Donald Trump or Boris Johnson how they feel about the virus? It not only infected, but humiliated the most powerful men on Earth; Men armed with nuclear bombs, guided missiles, Secret Service details, etc.

It bothers me every waking hour, that the virus might turn its attention on to my family. I have come to realize that we don’t have a choice as humans. We have to live with the virus; going hermit is not an option.

Wear the Mask Properly, Not Just Hang It on Your Face

With the airborne Delta variant now spreading like wildfire throughout the nation the most practical method to combat COVID19, in my opinion, is the simple face mask. It prevents the virus from entering your body. Not wearing a mask is akin to leaving the front door of your house wide open when there is a prison outbreak in your part of town.

Wear the mask properly, not just hang it around your face loosely. It doesn’t work like an amulet or talisman, where hanging it loosely around your neck is enough to ward off evil spirits. The mask needs to be worn securely for it to be effective.

Why Vaccinate? It’s In The Numbers!

The surge in infections and deaths throughout July and August of this year struck fear in the heart of many Malaysians. No one sells vaccines better than fear. Many who were anti-vaxxers quietly fell in line and got their vaccination done.

As of end-August 2021, Malaysia, a nation of 32 million people, COVID19 infected 1.66 million persons, of which 15,500 died. What do the numbers tell you? In simple terms:-

484 deaths for every 1 million Malaysians from COVID19 infection (based on 15,500 deaths to date)

19 deaths for every 1 million recipients of vaccines (based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimation 0.0019% death rate)

A back of the envelope calculation shows that the chance of dying from COVID19 is about 25 times greater than dying from vaccination gone wrong.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah pointed out that by mid-August, Malaysia saw only FOUR fully vaccinated patients die from COVID19; Versus the 15,500 deaths and counting thus far. We can argue till the cows come home on the numbers. But, all indications from different countries around the world point to the same thing. You are safer with the vaccine than without it.

Do we know if the vaccine is safe in the long-term? No we don’t. But, with billions of people already vaccinated, I have faith that should a long-term side effect of vaccination erupt eventually, the medical field will develop a cure. Especially, if they stand to earn billions of dollars, just like how they have developed a vaccine for this pandemic in under a year.

Anti-Vaxxers and Reckless Drivers

Reckless drivers are highly selfish individuals who only care about getting to their destination or achieving personal satisfaction from the thrills of driving as they please. This recklessness bothers us, because they knowingly drive in a manner that may result in injuries or death to others.

How are reckless drivers similar to anti-vaxxers who have chosen to belief or preach non-scientific theories discouraging vaccinations?

A recent study published by the CDC, indicated that an unvaccinated person is five times more likely to be infected than a fully vaccinated person.

Should we allow a driver who is five times more prone to accidents than the average driver on to our roads?

A reckless driver who hurts or kills an innocent third party is almost certainly to face prison time. What about an anti-vaxxer who may inadvertently contract COVID19 and infect others, especially children whom are not yet eligible for vaccination.

Can we then imprison such individuals, as they knowingly pursue their fetish for non-scientific theory and resulting in hurting or killing others?


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