Doors Are Slamming on Unvaccinated

LAS CARRETAS RESTAURANT & BAR IN TAIPAN USJ10 has opened its doors for dining in for those who have been fully vaccinated. Many business premises like them and even morning markets have started imposing the same conditions on customers who wish to shop at their premises. What will happen to unvaccinated individuals?

BUSINESS premises like Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar in Taipan USJ10 started admitting only diners who have been fully vaccinated at the end of last month while Sunway Pyramid will be doing the same for shoppers starting September 15.

The Sunday morning market at Taipan USJ10 also requires shoppers and traders to be fully vaccinated before they are allowed to trade or shop along the stretch of road. Many business premises are expected to be following suit as measures to make their dining and shopping centres safer for the general public who have been vaccinated to go to.

With mega vaccination centres closing or already closed, the doors are slowly closing for those who remain unvaccinated or those who are exercising their right to refuse vaccination.

Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar restaurateur Victor Siow who opened his doors to fully vaccinated diners on August 26 said it was a measure to provide a safer environment both for diners and his staff.

“On the first day of opening, we turned down more than 75% of our bookings because they did not fulfill our criteria. This improved over the next few days as more fully vaccinated diners made reservations for lunch and dinner.”

“We are optimistic that business will pick up for dining in,” he said.

Sunway Pyramid in a posting on their Facebook announced that it will only accept shoppers who are fully vaccinated and fully inoculated as well (14 days for Pfizer, Astra Zeneca & Sinovac; 28 days for Cansino & Johnson & Johnson) from September 15.

ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng who has been advocating screening and vaccination said she was most concerned with those who believed it was their right to refuse vaccination.

“The second reason proffered to reject the vaccine is what I am most concerned with, and certainly not an easy topic to deal with, as it boils down to personal right verses community good. In my view, it is alright if the exercise of a personal right remains as such, and it does not harm another – refusing to read non-fiction books, for example.”

“But here, the exercise of a personal right may cause harm to the other. While I cannot force anyone who is vaccine hesitant to take the shot, I can only pray that you reconsider, as this will affect your safety, the safety of the people you live with, and those in your community,” she said.

Time is of the essence for the community to be safe again. Vaccine hesitant individuals are deemed to leave a gaping hole in the herd immunity that the country aims to achieve.

Vaccine hesitant individuals are more exposed to adverse effects of Covid-19 and will soon find themselves having limited access to public and private spaces.

Let’s get everyone on board. Let’s not leave anyone behind.

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