Elderly Get a Helping Hand for Their Vaccination

Volunteer Ng Ming Lee ready to send a senior citizen for her vaccination

MANY elderly folks who have an appointment for their vaccination face various obstacles in getting themselves to the appointed place and time for their dose.

Some do not drive or are too frail to do so; while others may be nervous about going it alone and facing the unfamiliar venue and processes involved in the vaccination.

Do not despair!! A group of volunteers headed by USJ2 Rukun Tetangga chairman Har Yin Geong have come to the rescue of the elderly who genuinely need help with transportation and assistance.

“One of our residents had suggested this idea and we initially opened this assistance to our USJ2 community. After a short time, we started getting requests from residents from other housing areas in Subang Jaya.”

“That’s when we thought WHY NOT. So we gathered more volunteers and worked out a system to offer this service to the whole Subang Jaya,” Har said.

According to Har, the free service is confined to the elderly living in Subang Jaya and will provide transportation and assistance to vaccination centres in Sunway, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur.

“Our volunteers will accompany the senior citizens throughout the vaccination process and assist them.”

“All you have to do is contact me and provide me the details of your appointment. We will then arrange for the pickup time and arrangements for you,” he said.

Har said the costs involved for this service was presently provided by the USJ2 Rukun Tetangga as part of the group’s community service. The initiative is also supported by ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng.

If you are a senior citizen and need this service, give Har a call at 012-273 1336.