Enjoy Thai Milk Tea in the Comforts of Your Home

The rich aroma and smooth taste of authentic Thai milk tea begins here with Na Arun. Now you can also have Thai milk tea at home at your convenience.

One of the most popular cold beverages in Thailand is none other than Thai Milk Tea, or better known as cha yen. Grab the buy 1 free 1 casual pack (100g) promotion now for only RM7.90 while supplies last. This offer is exclusively for SJ Echo readers.

Online Store: https://shp.ee/gqggdib

Retail Store: A8, First Floor, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya

This beverage is also available for restaurants. For restaurant owners, do contact us for sample testing and an appointment. Na-Arun is suitable for all kinds of occasions whether you run a restaurant, café, stall, food & beverage truck or online selling. Our product provides the competitive edge for food business entrepreneurs to keep ahead and abreast with ever-changing customer taste.


Contact us:

Stevie: https://whas.me/djyipCFhLF

Hong: https://whas.me/xqA0RFlcWd

Na-Arun Thai Milk Tea Premix Powder is imported from Thailand and this brand is available at major chains in Thailand namely 7 Eleven, All Cafe, CP Fresh Mart, Jungle Café, Black Canyon and more. It is halal-certified, made of high quality organic tea leaf and is an award winning brand. For a pack of 100g casual pack can serve up to 2 glasses (300ml) and 500g can serve up to 12 glasses (300ml).