Radio DJ Haniff Turns Driver to Ferry USJ Elderly for Vaccination

Haniff with his passenger for the day

TV, Radio and Event host Haniff Hamzah went off air on Sunday, June 6 2021 and switched hats to become a volunteer driver for Subang Jaya senior citizens who need a ride to their vaccination centres.

He took the driver’s seat when he brought a senior citizen from USJ1 to PWTC for her vaccination and totally enjoyed the experience of chaperoning her.

“It was a 30mins drive down to KL and we had a good chat. Her daughter came along and we exchanged where our hometown was etc.”

“I brought along a folding stool for my passenger because I expected she would have a long wait in the queue but when we got there, she was offered a wheelchair,” he said.

According to Haniff, he killed time reading a book while waiting for the mother and daughter to complete the vaccination process.

“I am already scheduled for the next trip. I will be accompanying the senior citizen all the way from driving him/her there and helping him/her through the process before coming back to Subang Jaya.

“I hope more communities across the country can replicate the good initiative that’s happening here in Subang Jaya. This is a good cause,” Haniff who stays in Petaling Jaya said.

He said he jumped at the opportunity because the initiative was simple and focused on helping the elderly.

“I am fortunate to have job security where I am now. I used to freelance but this has reduced because of the pandemic. In better days, I used to help the needy with some financial assistance but times are bad now and my resources are also tight.”

“So I thought, I have a car; why don’t I offer help to senior citizens who need transport for their vaccination. I tweeted it and my friend in USJ saw it and pulled me into this initiative,” he added.

Haniff said he considered himself lucky compared to others during this pandemic; something which compelled him to give back to the community.

He urged the Subang Jaya community to step forward and volunteer their time and energy in this initiative to help the needy senior citizens.

Have you got some time to spare to be a volunteer? Call Har at 012-273 1336