Get to Know Our Tigers at Sunway Theme Parks

STEP into the tiger’s “habitat” and find out more about how you contribute significantly to tiger conservation and promote a greater understanding of the need to protect these majestic animals and their habitats.

The “Global Tiger Day” celebrations at Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lost World of Tambun will be filled with various activities aimed at providing knowledge about these habitats. At Sunway Lagoon, visitors can enjoy sightseeing and tactile activities, participate in quizzes, get face paintings, and explore information about tiger conservation in the Wildlife Department’s exhibits. Similarly, at Sunway Lost World of Tambun, there will be activities like the “Tiger and Friends Show,” “Thumbs Up,” and exhibitions by the Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

Tigers, once widespread across Asia, have suffered a significant decline due to various threats, including habitat loss, illegal hunting, and wildlife trade. Today, only around 3,900 tigers remain in the wild, marking a shocking decline of about 95% since the early 20th century. This alarming situation underscores the urgent need for immediate action to secure the future of these iconic creatures.

Sunway plans to introduce the “Explore Rangers” program to the public, an educational membership program designed by a group of zoologists and educators from Sunway Theme Parks. It offers children an opportunity to learn about wildlife, science, and conservation through engaging experiences. The “Explore Rangers” program at Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lost World of Tambun includes various curricula like “Aqua Explorer,” “National Treasure,” “Fear Factor,” and more, with different themes implemented each month to provide children with diverse knowledge. Additionally, educational lectures by “ex-junior rangers” are available for children participating in the program.

The theme for International Tiger Day 2023 is “Protect Tigers, Protect Their Habitat,” which emphasizes the importance of preserving tiger habitats to ensure the survival and well-being of these magnificent wild cats. Efforts to protect and restore critical ecosystems, such as forests, grasslands, and wetlands, play a crucial role in maintaining thriving tiger populations and preserving biodiversity. The organizers plan to engage the public through educational campaigns in community events and digital initiatives to make people understand the significance of tiger conservation and how individual actions can impact the survival of these habitats.