Going Bald to Feed the Hunger

EIGHT individuals shaved their heads bald and raised a whopping RM30,000 to help Feed the Hunger, a Lions Club Subang Jaya programme to help feed the needy and less fortunate folks in the township.

SS14 resident Chan Yow Wai took the top fundraiser’s spot when he raised close to RM16,000 from his family, friends and neighbours when he put his crown up for a shave. He raised the pledges in four days before his wife Karen had the pleasure of shaving his head bald for the campaign.

Chan said he offered to go bald for the campaign because he felt it was a meaningful effort to feed the hunger of those who were badly hit by the MCO.

“The initiative by the Lions Club Subang Jaya was noble and I felt compelled to help raise the much needed funds to help them provide food for the needy and poor,” he said.

Couple Sue-Anne Lim and David Yoong put both their heads up for a shave and raised RM5,100 for the cause. The couple looked thrilled at the chance to shave their heads on Facebook Live.

“We shaved to help Feed the Hunger. Every single memory of my childhood can be traced back to Subang Jaya. I grew up there. I’ve since moved out of Subang after getting married and am more than 10km away. I can’t physically be there to help the efforts of Lions Club of Subang Jaya feed over 1000 families most affected by the MCO, but my heart is still with the community.”

“I’ll also be donating a lock of my hair to Locks of Hope Association,” she said.

Engineer Evan Rao who took up his friend’s challenge to go bald raised RM725 for his effort.

“I am already half bald. I thought I might as well put whatever is left to good use. This (going bald) will actually prepare me for what will eventually happen anyway,” he quipped.

Sitiawan boy Mathias Pong who was the first to go bald for the cause raised RM310 from his friends.

“The weather has been hot and my hair was getting long and annoying. All the barbers and hair saloons are closed during the MCO. So I decided why not?” he said.

USJ13 Rukun Tetangga chairman Kelvin Chew had no qualms to go bald as he was already itching to do so earlier on in the MCO. He turned his shave into a charity drive among his friends and neighbours and raised RM5,600 for the cause.

Another USJ resident Eddie Choong got “paid” RM3,000 for the first time in his life to shave his head bald. His friends including his mother chipped in to see him go bald.

“I am excited now about my new looks and wonder if anyone would hire me to collect debts,” he joked.

SS17 resident Jason Chow took the shave one morning and donated RM50 as a show of support for the campaign.

Lions Club Subang Jaya project coordinator Adrian Lim thanked everyone for taking the bold step to go bald to help the needy.

“Going bald as a fundraiser allows members of the public to take part in our project (while maintaining social distancing). It’s funny and it makes a bold statement.”

“Thank you for your helping hand. The funds donated have brought us closer to sustaining our Feed the Hunger project throughout the MCO. We now worry less about running out of funds before the MCO is lifted and leaving hungry folks out in the cold,” he said.