Hannah busy in her kitchen cooking dinner Photo: Shay

It’s now 37 days since we’ve all stayed home in the joint efforts to fight Covid-19. The Movement Control Order which was first implemented on March 18 2020 has restricted our movement in a bid to bring down the curve of infection from the “invisible” virus.

Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh has learned to cook during the MCO. Much of her free time is now spent in the kitchen after she has spent some sourcing of recipes from Youtube or from friends. She’s even found time for an afternoon nap occasionally, something she has never had for the past 12 years.

Hannah makes her own bread

How are you coping with the MCO? What are you doing to keep your time occupied?

Since MCO I have learned to cook at home. Through Youtube or recipes from friends, I have learned to make cekodok pisang; keto buns; bread rolls; butter chicken; sardin paretal and stew chicken.

That is quite an achievement!

I do online meetings and interviews while planning out food distribution for my parliamentary constituency in Segambut.

Are you happy to get more time to spend with the family?

Cekodok Pisang

Tell us how you are doing this?

I do the groceries shopping for the home. It is much regimented. By the time I am home my hands are covered with thick layers of sanitizer and immediately rush for a shower.

This MCO I get the occasional afternoon nap (very rare since i started politics last 12 yrs). I have also found time to play board games with the girls.

Keto Buns fresh from Hannah’s oven

Have you found new hobbies while staying at home? Have you discovered you can cook too?

Cooking is therapeutic for me especially kneading dough. I would watch how to bake bread videos and dream of kneading my own dough.

How are you keeping fit and alert at home? Have you gained weight?

Maintaining my weight is a great challenge at home because of constant snacking. I really enjoy Super Ring and Cheezels!

What’s your advise to everyone?

Make full use of this time to give your body rest because once the MCO is lifted we all have to work doubly hard to rebuild the economy. Learn something online… and can still use this time to connect with loved ones or long lost friends online. Be very diligent with hand hygiene. It’s a war!