It’s now 36 days since we’ve all stayed home in the joint effort to fight Covid-19. The Movement Control Order which was first implemented on March 18 2020 has restricted our movement in a bid to bring down the curve of infection from the “invisible” virus.

The MCO has thrown Lee Yiang Ming’s usual routine out the window. Being usually busy at work and also pursuing his street photography hobby before the MCO, having to stay put at home is driving him nuts. Despite this mental and physical challenge, he is glad he has more time to spend with his family and catching up on his afternoon naps. He tells us a bit more here:

Ants in the garden are Yiang Ming’s centre of attention during the MCO

How are you coping with the MCO? What are you doing to keep your time occupied?

I am extremely stressed as my normal routines are out the window. But work still goes on – and sometimes I end up working longer hours (compared to being in the office). In my spare time, usually it’s some exercise, taking some photos around the house or just catching up on my movies.

Are you happy to get more time to spend with the family? Tell us how you are doing this?

Yes of course. But the kids are also starting to get very restless being cooped up at home, and I think they are getting bored spending too much time with me!  But at least the whole family is together for meal times. We also do some bonding times like exercises together or maybe a Soduku game.

The children’s toys at home have become his photography subjects

Have you found new hobbies while staying at home? Have you discovered you (or your spouse) can cook too?

No new hobbies, but learning to re-love an old “hobby” – taking afternoon naps on the weekends. Hahaha. Sadly I have not been cooking during the MCO, except for a mean lamb chop dinner for the kids each week.

How are you keeping fit and alert at home? Have you gained weight?

Mainly some simple exercises, like planking with the kids when I am free. I also make sure to spend some time in the garden each day just to get out of the house. And thankfully I have not gained weight … but I have also not lost weight despite the diet.

Lego toys do not escape his eye at home

How are you keeping abreast with the news on Covid-19 and MCO?

I have two main sources – DG’s updates every 5pm and from SJ Echo articles on Facebook. Apart from that, I try to catch up on updates from the internet when I can.

What’s your advise to everyone?

Stay at home! Stay safe! And be thankful that our dedicated frontliners are out there each and every day, doing their very best to keep us safe daily.