By Sarawakian

Hello? Is there anyone out there? Hello? Can I ask ah?….Can we go back to being normal? It seems that the rest of the world are slowly removing restrictions and with that, even the mandatory wearing of face masks.

Can we not go and scan here and scan there anymore because it does not make sense lah to scan when entering a shopping centre and then, no need to scan when going to the shop. Come to think of it, why was that stupid rule there in the first place to scan at every level and every floor and every shop? What was the reason for that ah?

Nowadays, we see that this scan here and scan there is not really enforced anymore. Even queuing lines have been removed lah. People can now pack the elevators at their own risk bah.  And also, this wearing of mask thing…is it necessary still kah? Above 90% of the adult population have completed the primary dose and a good percentage were also boosted because we are all law abiding people…UNLIKE some people. Some people have super privileges. The main reason was to ease the public medical infrastructure, right? In addition, the vaccines were created based on the original virus right? So now, are we still injected with old technology which is assumed to work today with new strains? Aiyo!

Can we remove our masks? After all, when we eat in the kopitiam, mamak shops and even in the fancy cafes and restaurants, we remove our masks. The same goes when going to a buffet. Walk here walk there, take this take that in the restaurant also no mask bah. Walking around without a mask cannot be considered riskier than sitting down in an enclosed area or even an open area within hubs of clustered tables right?

The sanitizers are drying up my skin making them older than they are. Some more, you ask us to wash wash our hands so often than I wonder if my skin can last that long or one day peel off. Sanitizers also not cheap tahu tak! Today, we walk around the shopping centres, we see that all markers on the floor have been removed. There are very few with the “In” and “Out” markers too. There are no more capacity notices as well. Cinemas are the only still goody goody fellas who follow though.

By the way, can we also please allow the reopening of the pubs and discos? Come on lah! We need to get people out of the house. Otherwise, they would just stay in front of the computer talking to the screen. They need to socialize and bitch about people instead of doing that at home man. Home harmony is in danger you know.

We have alcohol in sanitizers and alcohol consumption cannot be that bad as the alcohol infused vapours from the mouth would spew out droplets mixed with alcohol too. It saves money to sanitize the air. Why spend on expensive chemicals to sanitize the premises which would last less than 5 minutes? It is not like after one time do can last whole day and the next person who is infected would not contaminate. Smart or not? By the way, you know or not; many are infected with no symptoms or light symptoms. How they know? It is because of the self-discipline advocation to self-test and self-monitor in living in the new normal. Eh, the test kits not cheap la. Every week do is 4 times a month. If kena have to self-declare. If you no declare, how they know? Hmmm. Maybe we think everyone so kwai kwai and follow law.

Now we can also jalan here and jalan there. We can go visit bazaar and see some fellow throwing up his egg onto his container of some rice that needs to mandi. Quite interesting fellow, as you know he is famous now. I saw him on Tik Tok and Facebook. Maybe he is a comedian cook. I like Tik Tok because many people make weird and funny videos. Youtube I also like because can watch food documentaries and experience sharing to listen to their opinions. Instagram, not bad also because you can see some short videos like Tik Tok. Facebook and Instagram can also watch live events…like the fishmonger trying to sell seafood. Sometimes though, I wonder if they sell the products or the people hosting. Can be confusing one. Sometimes I wonder why they have no money for proper clothes. Macam not enough. Maybe that is why they do Facebook or Instagram live to sell stuff. So kesian. Kena tolong share and promote ni.

And, I also like gif and memes. There is a funny one by that politician from Kinabatangan who used the F word so well. That was really a good one to use in your Whatsapp or Telegram to send to people who you want to shut up or for fun. Do not worry la… the F word does not mean you want to really F the fella. It is like a fun word. Best used for the politicians. Their replies very nice one. Go and find and try. Sharing is caring what!

Okay folks. I am sure after you have reached the end above, you would wonder what happened to me. Well, I thought of doing something different in my writing. A little bit of satire and a little bit of Malaysian humour. I am still myself, so what I write is my own opinion and what I observed. You need not read if you do not like it. Give it an angry face when it is posted on Facebook. I would love to see the anger number. *wink

Anyways, do have a good month ahead in May 2022.

Selamat Hari Raya!!!