By Sarawakian


Yet again, as each Prime Minister comes into power, we get a new theme and tag line. I am not bothered anymore to rehash what the other two Prime Ministers since 2018 had given us before to compare. The latest one, a vision to some is themed, ‘Keluarga Malaysia’. To be honest, do they really know what a family means? Perhaps in their individual mind-set, it could be what we feel as current. To me, this is just pure rhetoric which is no longer funny.


The way Sarawak and Sabah are treated and the endless talks about reinstatement of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 based on currency are all hogwash. A family would consist of parents, guardians, children and relatives. Each one would have their own character, and each would have their own strengths and weaknesses.


To be honest, if they want us to respect the elders as we do in the context of family within their pipe dream of ‘Keluarga Malaysia’, then you can forget my support. We are utterly fed up with the current batch of elderly politicians holding on to power and trying ever so hard to continue to play with your emotions for that very purpose. Tell me I am wrong about this.


Yes, we have now gone past the chaos of the pandemic with full vaccination rates of adults exceeding 95.5% and those between 12 and 17 years of age at over 81.8%. If you look at the total population at this time of writing, its stands at 76.4%. Within the space of reopening of major economic sectors, we were tested with the Melaka state elections. Next would be the Sarawak elections. Strangely, Undi 18 comes into effect presumably from 1 January 2022. They seem to forget that the larger picture of the next General Elections is closing in. It may come sooner than 16 September 2023. It depends if the Budget is going to be passed by the Parliament soon. If it does not, then we are likely to see the General Elections held within the first half of 2022.


As we get to the stage where the 3rd booster shot being administered via the mySejahtera app again, we see a positive state of mind of people returning to norms of life with changes in habits. Of course, since 1 October 2021, we have seen a strong resurgence of the local tourism and retail seemed to have picked up. However, whilst local tourism especially to the highlands like Genting and Cameron as well as the beaches of East Coast seemed to still hold strong, retail has dropped yet again in terms of crowds. Nothing is certain anymore as trend spotting is getting harder.


The focus in the following weeks would be on the Malaysian Budget. Already we have seen yet again what it means to be Keluarga Malaysia. We would expect that a family be one that treats and helps everyone within the unit the same. You would think that help is given with merit and not because you favour another. When one is able especially with Malaysia already over 58 years old, you wonder why the need for crutches? It is understandable if you are drastically unable though capable to compete. But, when it is given without merit and even worse, enforced would this then mean that the country is regressing? The situation would not get any better. They should first fix the medical and education system of merits. They should review the issue of contracted citizens within the frontline. Proper investment in inculcating a sense of care and appreciation is required.


It is amazing when one talks about Keluarga Malaysia when coalitions still have infighting. It is amazing to see the staged cooperation at Federal Level and the head-to-head combat in Melaka. Sugar coating seems to be the best career for most. The anti-hopping law is at best an option via the longest route to get the seat vacated. It would have been easier to create an election law that automatically vacates the seat if the seat was won by a party at the onset. The only exception is if the winning candidate was sacked by the winning party. Then the seat is carried by the candidate. The same goes with independents who won at the onset. They can jump as many times as they want. It is their privilege as they ran without party machinery and won.


Do not get excited about the new anti-hopping law being hawked to you. Read it carefully what is proposed, and you would understand the route to vacate the seat is not that easy; not to add that it would also involve more costs. I rather they make it easier with the amendment to election laws based on what I said.


I believe in the pure definition of Keluarga Malaysia. A family that is inclusive. A family that is desirous of seeing everyone prosper and be happy. A family that has integrity keeps their promise and does not lie. I do not believe in the current political rhetoric of ‘Keluarga Malaysia’. At best it just sounds great. Hollow at most.


The year is coming to an end very soon. Christmas decorations have started to be put up. Let us hope for a bit of cheer as we end this year. Let us continue to stay vigilant and hold the 3Cs and 3Ws to heart. Let us also remember that the Government is there to serve us and not the other way around.


God Bless