MBSJ Acts to Protect Nesting Crested Goshawk in USJ9

A pair of Crested Goshawks will have the chance to nest and bring up their offspring in Subang Jaya thanks to the Subang Jaya City Council who stepped in to protect the nesting spot from harm’s way.

It all started when the city council received reports of bird attacks on park users last month. Investigations discovered a nesting pair of Crested Goshawks which had made one of the trees in the park at USJ9 their home. The Selangor Department of Wildlife and Parks were contacted. Two options were provided – to shoot the birds or protect them.

The bird is a secretive forest bird that hunts birds, mammals and reptiles in woodland, relying on surprise as it flies from a perch to catch its prey unaware. It builds a stick nest in a tree and lays two or three eggs. In Malaysia, there is increasing evidence of this species adapting to life in urban centres.

MBSJ’s Landscape Department which oversees the maintenance of parks in Subang Jaya decided to adopt the latter. They took the effort to cordon off the area around the tree where the nest is and cautioned residents, especially park users to avoid going too near the spot.

With help from several birdwatchers in the neighbourhood who shared their observations and recommendations, the department decided to widen the cordoned off area to create a safer environment for both Man and bird.

Human-bird conflict has since reduced and the birds as well as the park users seem to be happy with the new arrangements.

USJ9 Residents Association chairman Anthony Gunapalan who was championing a win-win said, “We are glad for the timely support of MBSJ Landscape Department for their quick intervention in cordoning off the area around the nest to safeguard the birds and the park users.”

“We need to strike a balance between Man and Nature and with a little bit of effort this can be achieved, especially in this case allowing the pair of Crested Goshawks to nest and bring up their offspring right in the middle of our urban neighborhood. Let’s learn to co-exist with nature.”

Kudos to MBSJ!