EDITORIAL: Mind Your Language Subang Jaya

Don’t forget your “Please” and “Thank You” when you request for assistance

My Mother had always as far back as I can remember emphasised the need for us to say “Please” when requesting for something and “Thank You” when we receive it. Being a teacher who taught English to secondary school students over a span of her 30 years career as an educationist, those two words were the most important in our vocabulary.

As a result of this upbringing, “Please” and “Thank You” are a part of our daily lives. “Excuse Me Please”; “Can I Order That Please”; “Can I Help You Please?”; “Thank You Very Much”; “Thank You for Your Feedback” and more are some of the simple yet meaningful means of using the two words in our lives.

It doesn’t matter who you are speaking to for you to be able to use the words. The two words are universal and can be expressed to a King, Queen, Prime Minister, Minister, Manager, colleagues and even to waiters and waitresses (both local and foreign) and even to children who happen to give us a helping hand.

Sadly, the importance of these two words have been lost in recent years. People no longer find a need to use them regularly. Instead you hear sentences like “I Want That”; “Turn Off the Lights”; “Message Me”; or “Can You Send that to Me”.

To me, it makes a big difference when you use the two words when and where they are appropriate. It doesn’t cost us anything to be polite. You would be surprised at the smile you get back when you say “Thank You” even to the waiter who brought you your order.

People need to be respected and appreciated. They don’t need to be treated like thrash just because you think it’s their job to serve you. Customer service counter personnel would probably agree with me that a “Please” and “Thank You” makes their day; and motivates them to go all out to help the people who approach them.

Subang Jaya prides itself as a city with middle-higher income residents. You won’t be judged by the way you dress or the fancy cars you drive. It’s what comes out of your mouth that makes people carve an impression of you. As young adults, parents and grandparents, we should set a good example for our younger generation. Don’t leave your manners at home and behave like a bully outside. Manners make the man or woman wherever he or she goes.

Make someone out there happy with a “Please” and “Thank You”. Try it when you next order your drink or food. It makes a difference not only to the recipient but also to yourself.

Are You Feeling Mentally Tired and Feeling Suicidal?

These days, anyone and everyone can feel mentally exhausted. It is perfectly normal to feel emotionally challenged and there will be times our mood swings are happening more often than usual. Work stress topped up with expectations at home can make us at times feeling very low.

Domestic squabbles and home conflicts can add to the toll if left unchecked. No one escapes feeling it at one point in their lives. Physical exercise; embarking on a hobby and engaging with friends in a healthy activity can help ease the strain on our mental health.

We have had several cases of what could possibly be attempted suicides and a suicide in Subang Jaya over the last few weeks. A teenager was helped back from an attempted suicide. Another lost her life to what is suspected suicide after a bad disagreement with her spouse.

If you feel a need to talk to someone and lift that emotional stress off your chest, call Befrienders Kuala Lumpur at 03-7627 2929. The hotline is available 24-hours.You are not alone. Get some help.

The New Year of 2024 is fast approaching. What are your plans for this year end? A holiday alone or a short escapade with your loved ones perhaps? It’s a good time to let off some steam and get away from the rat race to rest and rejuvenate yourself.

Here’s wishing our Hindu readers Happy Deepavali and to the rest, happy holidays. Stay safe and strong this November.