MBSJ Cracks Down on Illegal Structures in Puchong

Subang Jaya City Council warns that it will continue crackdown on illegal structures and extensions all across Subang Jaya

THE Subang Jaya City Council carried out its promise to rid the city of illegal structures and extensions in commercial areas, starting with the commercial area of Bandar Puteri 2/3 earlier today.

The crackdown follows the widespread disregard for bylaws which forbid the building of structures and extensions along and behind commercial buildings and over drains.

In a statement issued after the operations, MBSJ said it had identified 13 premises for action to be taken to rectify the problems that these illegal structures had caused.

The illegal structures and extensions had impeded regular drain cleaning works carried out by the council’s contractors. Drains were also clogged with rotting food waste and discards from the commercial lots which then caused the increase of pest and rodent problems in the area.

MBSJ said it would continue its crackdown on illegal structures and extensions across the whole city and would not spare the rod on errant property owners.

It also advised food operators to dispose their waste properly as stipulated in their licence and not take the easy way out by pouring everything into the drains.