MBSJ Mayor Orders Crackdown on Indiscriminate Food Waste Disposal

SUBANG Jaya Mayor Dato Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yatim has ordered a crackdown on errant property owners who continue to dispose of their food waste indiscriminately or or individuals who put out food to feed strays in the city.

Mohd Fauzi said 2024 will see the city council taking action on errant shop owners and food operators who indiscriminately dispose of their waste anywhere and everywhere they wished. He said the council would also be setting their sights on those who put out food to feed strays.

“I have directed the council’s health department to formulate an integrated action plan for the New Year to tackle the issue of pests like crows, rats and strays in the city; hand-in-hand with waste disposal and collection mechanisms.”

“Shop owners and food operators who operate in the commercial zones are expected to comply with the guidelines that require proper garbage bins be used at their premises,” he said after witnessing the shooting of crows in the SS15 commercial area on December 17.

Under the guidelines, proper bins are required to be placed at the back of the shop for those who operate on the ground floor while bins are also required at the front for operators or tenants on the upper floors.

Mohd Fauzi said the council had also identified food left out for stray cats and dogs also contributed to the pest problem especially crows and rats. Crows and rats feed on the leftover food.

“We will tackle this issue with a carrot and stick approach. We will come up with the action plan for property owners to abide by. If property owners do not comply, we will have to issue compounds to enforce it.”

“In the one day crow shooting exercise, we culled 3,100 birds all across the city,” he said, adding that the council had to carry out the shooting campaign to reduce the number of crows especially in commercial areas.

Out of the 3,100 birds, 570 were shot in DUN Subang Jaya; 140 in DUN Kota Kemuning; 680 in DUN Kinrara; 834 in DUN Seri Serdang and 876 in DUN Seri Kembangan.