MBSJ New Mayor: Zero Tolerance for Bribery & Corruption

SUBANG JAYA, MAY 3 2023: ZERO tolerance for bribery and corruption is the pledge for the new Subang Jaya City Council administration under its new Mayor Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yatim.

Mohd Fauzi who was sworn in as MBSJ’s 3rd Mayor this morning said he would not tolerate bad practices under his watch and would take stern action on any employee who took bribes or are corrupted.

“I have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. Integrity in all departments must be held up high especially in departments that deal with the public like enforcement.”

“I want a clean and efficient machinery. If members of the public have proof of any corruption or bribery involving any MBSJ staff, come directly to me with the proof,” he said.

ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng who was the only member of the Selangor State Assembly present during the swearing in ceremony welcomed the new Mayor.

“Congratulations to the new Mayor on his appointment. There is a lot of room for improvement for our new Mayor to work on. I hope he is able to instil a spirit of excellence in MBSJ and structure a performance driven system amongst the workforce.”

“We work for the rakyat. Subangites rightly expect more from the Council,” she said.

Michelle said another issue that Mayor has to address is income.

“For 10 years now the regular excuse has been that Council has not enough budget. With the recent increase in wages and materials, the problems on the ground have become more apparent. Once you solve these root cause, everything flows. You don’t need legacy projects. Your legacy will be how well Subang is maintained. I look forward to working with him,” she said.

Michelle also lauded Mohd Fauzi’s pledge to fight bribery and corruption.

“We do not tolerate corruption. This complaint must be taken seriously and investigation must be done transparently without fear or favour. If found to be true, action must be taken.”

“Whistle blowers should not be afraid to come forward. We will ensure a safe space for you to speak. What we want remains the same – a clean government. We are in this together,” she added.