MANY of us have enjoyed a meal at least once at the food court along Jalan SS19/6 over the last 30 years. The variety of food served has not changed much at this location which now seems to be sealed up in a time capsule from the past.

The dilapidated sheds where traders dish out their best meals and the unkempt surroundings at the spot have time and time again given rise to many complaints from residents as well as patrons.

The unsanitary conditions of the stalls due to lack of facilities have made this location a prime spot for rats and also indiscriminate dumping of bulky waste closer to the houses behind the land where the existing food court sits.

But this is soon going to change for the better as plans to rejuvenate the area with a modern food court gets underway.

Temporary structures have been built to house traders while the new Food Court is being constructed

According to MBSJ MPP Zon 1 councillor Ken Chia, plans are now underway to redevelop the whole area where the existing food court sits.

“The proposed new food court will have space for 20 stalls to occupy. Each lot will be between 4m x 5m in size based on the preliminary design.”

“MBSJ will also be building toilet facilities, parking lots and provide a garbage disposal area. There will also beperimeter planting near SS19/6c,” he said.

Ken said the project is expected to take one year to complete once the tender is finalized and awarded.

“Temporary stalls have been built on the plot of land for some traders to operate from when work begins.”

“Presently there are less than 20 stalls managed by the original owners. We may have a few extra lots for new traders but that’s subject to the final plan,” he said.

Ken said priority for the extra lots will be given to existing roadside stalls along Jalan SS19/6. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed and screened before we confirm the lots for them,” he added.