Nature Bounces Back in Subang Jaya

THE Movement Control Order which has been in place since March 18 2020 has given Mother Nature a breath of fresh air especially for bird life in Subang Jaya.

The quiet undisturbed playgrounds and parks in Subang Jaya during the nationwide lockdown have brought wildlife, especially birds back into the city to feed and breed.

Because everyone was at home and was disallowed to use the outdoor parks and playgrounds, birds have returned to nest and this has given nature lovers a reason to smile.

Wild Bird Club of Malaysia president Andy Lee said bird life in urban areas like Subang Jaya has definitely increased since the lockdown three months ago.

“There’s more bird life activity in urban parks and playgrounds since the lockdown. Nature and wildlife has been given a chance to rejuvenate with the reduction in human activity outdoors.”

“Just recently residents spotted a nest high up in the tree at the playground in SS14. Upon closer examination, bird watchers observed a Crested Goshawk nest,” he said to SJEcho while out at the location.

Andy and many other birding enthusiasts in the neighbourhood spotted two juveniles in the nest, looking healthy and almost ready to leave the nest.

“The two siblings appear well fed and are almost ready to take their first flight from the nest. Even when the adult brought in some fresh prey, the chicks were not fighting or squabbling over the food.”

“This is a positive sign. It means they have enough food to sustain them and they don’t have to fight over what the parent brings them,” he added.

The juvenile Crested Goshawks appear to be sub-adults and are almost ready to leave the nest within the next few days.

Andy said it was special to see a nest with two juveniles and it indicated that food source was abundant for a bird of prey to lay and hatch two eggs instead of one.

“Depending on availability of food source, birds especially birds of prey will decide if they will have a single chick or more. These birds feed on mostly mammals and birds such as squirrels, rats, snakes and insects.”

Birdwatchers capturing shots of the Crested Goshawk

“The adults in this park (SS14) have successfully brought up two with the perfect environment that the MCO provided them,” he added.

He said it was important for green areas like parks and playgrounds to be protected and maintained to attract and support bird life.

“The tall trees at SS14 provided the perfect environment for the Goshawks. The nest is high up in the trees, keeping the chicks safe from predators as well as disturbances from human beings (and poachers).”

“We have many examples of nature making a comeback. A recent sighting of the Collared Kingfisher nurturing a young chick in Pulau Indah, Klang in a nest that’s close to the road is another example of how the MCO has given birds the perfect environment for them to breed without disturbances,” he said.

Wild Bird Club of Malaysia is a national birding community dedicated to sharing views and best practices for its members to carry out bird watching activities.