RESIDENTS of USJ9 learned something new recently. They learned that food waste from their kitchen need not go to waste when they picked up tips on how they can turn it into fertilizer the Bokashi way.

The group who are mostly members of the USJ9 Rukun Tetangga and Residents Association got useful tips on turning their food waste into fertilizer and even brought home a free Bokashi set to start their own immediately.

Organised by Subang Jaya’s Centre for Women Empowerment (PWB) in partnership with the residents’ groups, the session started off with the instructor explaining about Bokashi and how house owners could turn their discards from the kitchen into fertiliser without creating a stink in their garden.

Participants learned that bokashi is a fermentation process rather than a traditional composting method. The resulting product makes for a highly nutritious plant food that can be buried in compost trenches in a garden. The liquid by-product makes excellent fertilizer tea for feeding plants directly.

ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng who participated in the program also tried her hand in placing her first batch of food waste into the bit to start the process.