PUCHONG is Alive!

SUBANG JAYA, OCTOBER 9 2019: “Puchong”, the stray dog which became the point of contention between a couple and the Subang Jaya Municipal Council recently is alive and well.

SJEcho made a visit to the local council’s dog pound today and found the male dog in good health and condition. We were informed that “Puchong” was paid a visit by a veterinary doctor earlier in the day and was examined. He was given a clean bill of health.

“Puchong” appears to be doing fine and uninjured from his capture by the local counciil’s dog catching unit. No fresh wounds were seen on his body. Old scars from the past were visible and like any stray, his body is infested with fleas.

Food and water is provided for him. He is apparently eating well and will be ready for adoption.