CLEAR your schedule this weekend and head over to the inaugural Cos-Mic Convention at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre from Nov 3-5 2023.

This exciting event event aims to redefine the pop-culture landscape in Malaysia, differentiating itself from most other anime conventions in the country by serving as a platform for authentic and official brands related to toys, anime, cosplay and games (TACG) to directly engage with the community, similar to the popular comic cons in the United States.

DBS Asia and Cos-Mic CEO Ham How said,”The pandemic has been a catalyst. propelling pop-culture into the mainstream. Many youths, confined to their homes, embraced anime and diverse pop-culture content,fuelling the surge in fandom. If you’re an anime or pop-culture enthusiast, you likely dabble in cosplay, collect merchandise, or immerse yourself in anime games. We saw this burgeoning market’s potential and wanted to create a secure, authentic space where brands and cosplayers could unite.”

Sunway Pyramid is the official venue partner, providing the Blue Atrium for ticketing and ticket collections within the mall, as well as the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, where fans and exhibitors will gather.

Speaking at the launch of the Cos-Mic Convention this morning, ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng said,”Pop-culture is something we all have experienced from Star Wars in the 80s, the boom of Pokemon in the late 90s and the fad as we know it from 2000 onwards. Toy-collecting, cosplaying and games are hobbies that allow us to be exposed to the various cultures, which our lives richer.”

Prepare for an unforgettable experience as the convention boasts over 30 official brands, and more than 80 local artists and cosplay vendors. Working with Medialink as an official licensing partner, Cos-Mic also boasts first time international appearances by Japanese voice actors and actresses as Yurie Igoma, Mariya Ise and Shogo Sakata who voice acts in current trending animes, renowned international cosplayers such as Jane Jie, and electrifying performance by the Japanese rock sensation BURNOUT SYNDROMES. The event will also be graced by Japanese Vtubers from NIJISANJI EN, a top Vtuber company from Japan.

For more information, download the Cos-Mic app or stay updated with news and events on their Instagram