Subang Jaya Kicks Off at Source Recycling Efforts

Photo: Loo Yan Jing

SUBANG Jaya residents particularly those in SS12-SS19, Wangsa Baiduri and PJS7,9 and 11 will now be able to participate in a more user-friendly recycling system which was introduced on December 1.

According to ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng, residents only need to separate their recyclable items into a designated plastic bag and place it out during regular household waste collection.

“KDEB, the contractor, will collect these bags alongside regular waste but process recyclables separately.”

“There are three recyclable categories: PET plastic, paper and cardboard, and aluminum and tin,” she said during the media preview of the program recently.

“It’s important to note that items like furniture, toys, clothes, and construction waste are not recyclable.”

“Disposing of large amounts of these falls under bulk waste, and residents should contact MBSJ at 03-80267433 for proper disposal. Exceeding average household waste affects the waste collection system, requiring space reserved for neighbors. Hence, it’s fair to pay for disposing of additional waste,” she added.

Michelle said if the program was successful, the next phase aims to expand this system to the rest of USJ.

“This initiative aims to simplify recycling to encourage greater participation. Convenience often leads to increased involvement.”

“My motivation behind this initiative stems from my role as a mother. I am concerned about the world’s future, especially when predictions suggest coastal cities may sink by 2050 due to climate change. Addressing climate change involves reducing carbon emissions, and daily waste contributes significantly. Every kilogram of waste in landfills generates about 2kg of carbon, accelerating global warming,” she concluded.

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