In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, with the support of the Sustainable Development Department of Sunway Group, are joining forces to help ease the issue of food waste in Malaysia by introducing Food CPR – COMPOST. PLANT. REDUCE.

Sunway City started reducing food waste with the help of an on-site compost machine by MAEKO, a Malaysian outfit that will be highlighted at the UN Solutions Summit in New York.

The Food CPR campaign takes priority in educating shoppers on the impact they have on our environment. How can you make a difference? Here are a few tips.

  • Shop smart and reduce waste by not ordering more than what you need.
  • Save leftovers for later
  • Keep track of what you dispose of
  • Start using compost when you garden

The on-ground event will be held until 6 October 2019 at LG2 Central Avenue. Shoppers will be able to participate in potting workshops which includes seed planting and decorating their own pots. There will also be a dispenser for compost collection to be used for gardening and planting. Shoppers will also be able to redeem various seeds by simply downloading the Sunway Pyramid Mobile App.

The campaign was officiated by ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng Mei Sze, along with Dato Jeffrey Ng, Chief Executive Officer, Sunway REIT Management, HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks, Kevin Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Sunway Malls, and Andre Scholl, Chief Executive Officer, Sunway Hotels & Resorts.

Research shows that Malaysians contribute to more than 16,000 tonnes of food waste daily, enough to feed 12 million hungry mouths three meals a day. The shocking figure continues to worsen during the festive seasons by 15 to 20 percent[1].

This initiative will kickstart the reduction of food waste in Sunway City. To date, the Food CPR campaign has garnered a total of 35 supporting partners for this initiative. In the long run, Sunway hopes that more brands will come on board to lessen their food waste.

Separately, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s own compost machine converts food waste from its three (3) cluster of hotels located in Sunway City. Since July 2019, a total of 5.9 tonnes of food waste has been converted into compost; by the end of 2019, the hotel expects to compost 20 tonnes of food waste collected from its kitchen. Currently, the hotels’ compost is used around Sunway City’s landscape with further plans for distribution and utilization to be launched in year 2020.

“Sunway Group is committed to advancing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, one of which is halving Malaysia’s food waste by 2030 – a pledge made by our local government. If we, the nation, continue at our current rate, this pledge would not be met. The Food CPR campaign is one of our clear commitments to changing food waste habits in Malaysia,” Jeffrey said.

“We recognise that it requires a joint effort from both the private and public sectors when it comes to creating sustainable change within the community. Hence, the Food CPR campaign is built to be a long-term campaign dedicated towards the issue of food waste and will feature a Food Waste Compost Machine as a permanent fixture in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur,” Chan said.

Sunway Pyramid collects 2.4 tonnes of food waste daily and up to 829 tonnes annually. With this campaign, Sunway Pyramid aims to significantly reduce this amount of food waste from going to landfills. Sunway Pyramid will also be able to produce compost with the food waste composting machine that is complimentary for the public to collect during the on-ground event or at the permanent pocket area located at B1 in the mall. The compost produced will be ready to use two weeks after being mixed in garden soil. This allows the compost to condition beforehand.