By Sarawakian


If one wants to look at how a diverse population can be united, then they should look at Subang Jaya as a model. Subang Jaya is home to all ethnicity and even guests who are here either, studying, doing business, and even working towards a better Subang Jaya. What we all just need is unity in getting things done.


We still believe that Subang Jaya is unlike any other place. It cannot be compared with any other city in Malaysia. That is the very reason Subang Jayans are fierce critics. We do not mince our words when we call a spade a spade. You cannot be asking us to call a cangkul a spade, can you?


Those who have played games like Red Alert and Command and Conquer would surely remember how you need different skillsets to become a greater force. Alliances and collaborations can happen behind the scenes but the effort to strategically develop your place and protect it against invaders whilst taking new ground are indeed the gameplan.


In the workplace, each person has a role to play. However, if one is too engrossed in their own role, they would soon forget that they cannot ignore the need to work with those who would provide for your gaps or weaknesses to create a better result. Once engrossed, they will start to work without care for the rest. They will shoot down any ideas which go against them. They would incessantly think that you do not understand them and that you must understand them instead. Then, what happens? The company becomes a cess pool of individuals who think nothing but the benefits of themselves. They would not have a care and would even architect their own team’s downfall to prove a point.


This is not a new phenomenon. Human beings are somehow creatures of selfish endeavours. Hence, being different is never used to completement but to compete. It is like a boxer saying boxing is better than karate. If you study martial arts, you will note that certain moves have no defence and certain offensive moves if they do not hit the target would expose one to a fatal loss. Everything has its pros and cons.


Within the workplace, the hardest job would be the Manager and the Leader of the company. To motivate and encourage his diverse backgrounds and skillsets of his team members is like a general heading to war with different battalions possessing different expert skills and weapons. The same can be seen in football even. You play with eleven persons with distinct roles and an even more varied character. You would need to choose the formation of play with the resources at hand. You need to create unity in diversity towards the single goal of winning the match. You do not play with eleven defensive positions and fearing to lose. You will never progress.


The coach or manager would yell and goad you during the match. They will make the necessary change and would need to hope that the team performs with their captain on the playing field to get the job done. The manager and coach are not on the playing field. But they see the picture. It is the same as in companies too. It does not matter if it is a public or private sector. It is the same.


Townhalls are becoming a norm in the corporate world. Alas, some companies do not get what a good town hall would be like. Most would treat it as a top-down briefing on the past results and what is expected to be done for the near future. They do not aim to motivate you in the real sense other than pretty words.


The main reason for this was for the management to meet and connect with their employees. They wanted to ensure the company’s goals are aligned with everyone. They would like to then ensure that they are engaging with their employees and help build a new culture. That is how corporate town halls are. They should be more like the politicians and use town halls to answer critical questions from the floor without threats. Let me share you as to what it looks like nowadays:

  1. Opening address.
  1. State of the Company presentation.
  1. Issues forward
  1. Q&A
  1. Ending points.


Does it look like a briefing to you? I do not see a venue for engaging debates and questioning. Corporations should look at how politicians do it. Mostly, the Q&A fails because there is no active participation nor encouragement.


Teamwork is easy to say but harder to do. It is the same with building trust and building a house. It takes time and effort to build trust and a house. It takes a drastically shorter time to bring it all down.


We need to be able to constantly yearn for unity in diversity instead of uniting to spite. Your selfish needs will bring the house down. This would cause those who have no wrong be left without shelter. Human beings are complicated. We have the seven sins constantly on us. The sin of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. Do not let these sins control you. Within diversity, you must unite against the wolves in sheep’s’ clothing coming to your door. You must not be led by Greeks bearing gifts. Do not waste your vote. Make a united stand.


Here is wishing you a Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia this August 2023.