Veteran Bandar Sunway “Penghulu” Needs RM150,000 for Heart Bypass

OVER a span of two decades, Mohamad Noor Ahmad, 75 dedicated his retirement years to helping others in his community without even blinking his eyes when called upon to assist.
There’s nothing that Mohamad Noor hasn’t done to keep his neighbourhood in PJS9 safer and better for his fellow neighbours. He handles security matters in his neighbourhood; helps catch snakes that slither into people’s homes; and even organises community events regularly to foster better relationships among neighbours.
His untiring efforts have earned him the endearing title “Penghulu” among residents and also fellow community leaders. All the 20 years have been about him giving and giving to the community around him.
Today, Mohamad Noor needs our help. It is our turn to extend help to this very passionate man who has made a world of a difference to his neighbourhood in Bandar Sunway.
Mohamad Noor urgently needs to undergo a heart bypass surgery to repair failing mitral and tricuspid valves. Time is running out for him should he fail to raise the funds to pay for the surgery. The long wait at the government hospital for him to undergo the surgery will put his health and life at risk.
Speed is of the essence to bring back normalcy to Mohamad Noor’s condition. The procedure to save his life at a private medical facility will cost a whopping RM150,000 which he can ill-afford after having spent most of his savings on his first bypass in 2004.
Life hangs at a balance for our Penghulu. He is getting weaker by the day and he finds it difficult to breathe at times. Although hesitant to ask for help to raise the funds from the community, Mohamad Noor has finally relented to the idea as he has run out of options to get his bypass done.
ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng has personally come on board to assist with the fundraising efforts.
“This is the first case I’ve dealt with where a person whose life is on the line has declined help. This is typical of Mohamad Noor, better known as Penghulu. We had to insist and pretty much refuse him a choice in the matter. It is now time for the community to take care of him, and his family. For once, now is their time to receive.”
“Penghulu takes care of PJS 9. He is and has been doing a stellar job for many, many years. Even whilst coping with his medical condition, I see him still helping residents to report issues to MBSJ in our “Clean and Clear” Whatsapp group. He always thinks of others, and often in the process forgets about himself,” she said.
According to Michelle, “I remember during 2019’s Malam Muhibbah at PJS9 – there was a problem with electricity for the canopies. Penghulu immediately offered electricity from his home, despite advice that electricity use of this scale it might cause overloading.”
“When I came in as a candidate for Subang Jaya, he told me of how he noticed that users of the PJS 9/14 park sometimes needed water, and so he again offered his home as a source. The pipes you see in the park taps water from his home. I also vividly remember another story he told me, where he attended to a patient who escaped from a hospital and was found sprawled in the PJS9/14 park in the middle of the night. That is Penghulu for you – selfless and eager to serve.”
“So when I got to know that Penghulu is in need of funds for a life-saving procedure, I insisted that he allowed us to fundraise. I call upon all who are reading this to donate generously – let this be our demonstration of appreciation for Penghulu.”
We have embarked on a fundraising drive to help raise the necessary funds for Penghulu to go for his bypass. Together with ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng and the Lions Club of Subang Jaya, we call upon you, the community, to step forward and dig deep into your pockets to help Mohamad Noor regain his health.
All donations can be channeled to the Lions Club of Subang Jaya Medical Aid Fund at UOB Bank: 122-304-271-1.
Once you have made your donation, send your bank in slip to LCSJ for their records: WhatsApp: 010-798 7508 ; Email: [email protected].