When Covid-19 Came Knocking at Their Door


WE’VE always thought we would be safe in our little bubble and that we would not get infected by Covid-19. We kept our gatherings small and whenever we had to go out, we diligently wore our masks and abided by the SOPs. But the risk of infection is real and the chances of getting infected is getting higher by the day.

SJEcho talked to a few in our community who were affected by Covid-19. They share with us their encounter here.

For Michael Chow, a meet-up with a friend who tested positive prompted the former to head quickly for a Covid-19 test the next day. His results came out positive.

His symptoms were mild with slight coughs and he was instructed by the Health Ministry to head over to Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam for follow-up tests within three days. I was then ordered to be quarantined at MAEPS Serdang and subsequently at Hospital Sungai Buluh.

“I was in quarantine for 10 days. I had three square meals daily and was observed throughout the period. Thankfully, I did not develop further complications.”

“Most of us at the hospital occupied our time on our mobile devices,” he said.

Michael, who is now back home after given a clean bill of health has this to share,” Avoid crowded places and avoid social gatherings.”

Another resident who wishes to be known as Mr K said he started having fever and sore throat a few days after a gathering he had attended.

“I immediately went for a test and was told that I had tested positive. As I was only having those mild symptoms, I stayed home and quarantined myself in my room.”

“Almost a week after my test, I was asked to head to Shah Alam for follow-up checks. As I was showing no major symptoms, I was ordered to continue my quarantine at home,” Mr K said.

Mr K had two close encounters with Covid-19 earlier on. His wife and daughter were tested positive several months back; and he had contact with a positive case but was tested negative for both encounters. On both occasions, Mr K also observed 14-days of quarantine.

“I am staying home and have reduced my outings to avoid another infection. I even work from home on most days and only head out if it is necessary,” Mr K added.

Just a stone’s throw away, Mr C another resident discovered that both he and his wife were Covid-19 positive when they tested for it in early May.

“I had body aches, loss of appetite while my wife had diarrhea, loss of taste and smell. We knew these were symptoms of Covid-19 and immediately for the test.”

“We self-quarantined at home and monitored our oxygen levels by using a fingertip pulse oximeter. We also took some Chinese medication to boost our immune system and hydrated ourselves with