By Anthony Dylan

It takes a strong will to power through whatever comes in front of you. It would not be easy as the desire to give up would often play in your mind at its lowest spirits. Saying it would be easier said than done. The mind is one which can power your will, but your heart is the only one that could will to power. This concept is not an easy one to grasp.

In life, we are faced with many challenges. Some are straightforward whilst others are not. Others have an element of time where as always, time waits for no one. A decision to be made would always have its consequences. You can never regret enough if a decision is not made. Once it is made, you would have to shoulder it as long as your live.

The pain that stems from emotions can never be healed in a brief period, no matter how strong you are. This acknowledgment does not mean that you have given up. It means that you are trying to come to terms with it. You can never prepare yourself for emotional hurt, but you know with physical hurt the time to heal is as long as the time when the hurt fades. You would not remember physical hurt as much as when you first experience. It is different with one that dwells in the mind and in in emotions.

The Covid -19 pandemic seems to have been slowly controlled globally. Many are now trying out their social experiments to get back to normal life. In the football world, we see on television, how the stadiums are being filled up increasingly each month. Travelling is still being controlled as the domestic control requirements outweigh the benefits of international travel.

Business can now be easily done online and there is no real need to visit the international office and spend precious money on hotels and airflights. Trusting the head in your outpost has become a norm and it is proven that you do not need to have a visit to ensure things are done. In the past such trips would mean a nice travel flight and hotel stay with the customary meetings and the entertainment.

Breakfast, lunches, and dinners are expected to fill your itinerary along perhaps with half a day or more for shopping hidden under the veil of doing the customary site visits or competitor observations. All these can be done within your own place and the technology at hand. With MS Teams, Zoom or Google Meet and the option of Messenger Group video Chats, Telegram Group video chats, there is no more reason to come a visit other than a leisure sojourn under the pretext of work.

In Malaysia, inter district travels have been relaxed as many have already been fully vaccinated. Inter-state travels without a police permit would likely come soon this month. However, like as mentioned before, to enter Sarawak, you would still need to make an application online via the “enter Sarawak” portal and the filling up of the “e-health” declaration no more than 12 hours before you fly in from outside Sarawak. Part of the requirements to submit your “enter Sarawak” application are the police permit plus a negative RT-PCR test done no more than 3 days including flight day. These are to be submitted with your application along with your flight ticket. This app can be downloaded on your phone.

We progress each day learning something new. We move on each day bit by bit no matter how difficult it can be. The will to power comes from the heart. Days would turn into night and then into day. Time would move on just as much as the dates of the calendar moves to the end requiring the change to another month. Nothing remains still.

The light at the end of this dark tunnel looks faint but you know it is there. Many of us are trying extremely hard to pull though this global phenomenon. Many of us never lived through the World War 1 or 2 or even the times of Japanese occupation or British rule. This would be our own first test which included many sub tests. All of which are lessons to be learnt for the future to be assured.

As we start our journey towards the end of 2021, I am quite sure the lull would open into a plethora of excitement as talks of another General Elections come about. But first, the expired term of the Sarawak Government would need to be sorted out with the Sarawak election first. The General Election can wait until it expires by July 2023. Would the new voters from 18 years till 20 years be a factor of change? There are close to 135,000 from this segment in Sarawak alone. If they do all exercise, there would be a considerable challenge to the fragile keenly contested seats in urban and semi urban areas. There could be surprises in rural seats too.

The will to power is a powerful phenomenon. No everyone knows how to wield it. But I dare say that circumstances can function as a catalyst for this to come forth.