By Sarawakian

OK! It is now bulan enam already. June and it is already normal. I am beginning to miss the use of the mySejahtera app already. That day ah, I saw an old QR code and I took out my smart device and scan. Wah….the feeling was like….a memory flood!. I know la that it is not necessary, but I kind of miss that requirement.

Nowadays, all back to biasa already. Can walk here and there. Even the movies now can sit side by side. Elevators also now packed like sardines. The same with the LRT stations. And you know what….the LRT at one area broke down a few weeks ago often you know. People all crowded there. Luckily no Covid 19 outbreak.

The self-test kits now like no laku already. Maybe next time can ask those shopping centres or shops to give out as free gifts for purchases. Only the mask can sell. Even the sanitizer I think will lose sales too. So Covid 19 more or less macam settle already but I don’t know yet. China still has lockdowns you know.

But ah, suddenly we have this new thing called monkeypox. I know there is a chickenpox. But a monkeypox? I tell you what I googled. They say it is a virus. A zoonosis type. This means it moves from animals to humans. Like smallpox they said. Later in future, sure got bigpox. If you have small pau you also have tai pau. You know the big big pau.

Recently the Minister found another idea for mySejahtera’s use. I think he is like me. Rindu that app you know. He said now can use for monitoring monkeypox. After Covid19 and the non-mandatory use as of 1st May, the smart fella said it can be used for tracking tuberculosis; hand, foot & mouth disease; measles, rabies and dengue. Covid 19 still got.

This Minister so smart also. Can help use up the RTPCR stocks too. He suggested maybe can use to detect the virus. He also says this would be used for travellers and subject to a viral incubation period. Say must check symptoms up to 21 days and can use the surveillance order from the app if necessary. He also very nice one. Say must get people dealing with monkeypox to get vaccinated. So far, no plans for mass vaccination. I wonder if got vaccine ready or not. Belum dengar yet leh. Like that we have to all take kah when he instructs? Kena cucuk again 2 to 3 times? Aiyo. Really brilliant Minister man. He looks like a werewolf if you want to know which one. Maybe he was infected by a wolf? Well, got smart power it is ok. At least he tries to revive the mySejahtera.

By the way, now the babi price also increase you know. This is because the babi eats imported food. That’s why got quality one. Don’t play play. So when feed is increased for sure the price go up. Ukraine war with Russia also has a hand in this. They say animal feed is mainly sourced from here you know or not? Another one is surely because our RM getting smaller. Have to give more RM to get same amount. There is also the issue of increasing operational costs. There is also an African Swine Fever affecting the babi. Even babi got fever you know. Also this is a virus. No vaccine yet. That’s why kena only, must cull all and bury.

We also have an Ayam problem. One politician that day so funny ah. He say Ayam has no ethnicity. So all ayam are the same. But one thing I noticed as funny. The old man laughed cheekily. He like ayam issit? But sad lah. Things like this come up, say bodoh things like that. Also, the politicians and some fellas like to cari gaduh. Sikit sikit use ethnic card.

If you baca elok elok and sikit sikit, banyak lah pengalaman. You can see ah, the feed price all go up. Blame Ukraine and Russia again. We all eat too much ayam fried. Can also make kari, soup and stir fry. Burger also ayam mostly. Chicken power. So, when chicken got no good food from the global feed, how la to bela chicken to slaughter for you? You know the chicken eats corn and soya mostly. Operational costs pun also naik because got minimum pay you know. Ayam can get flu too. It is called the Avian Flu. No vaccine yet. This also affects the supply. So, when kena, also kena cull and bury.

Government already very good. Ask you to take your money out from savings. They allow now when normally cannot take until pencen. So can take some out now. Careful ah…later old and pencen not enough. Also, Government also help you with some help to postpone loans. So now over, pay lah. They give chance, pay back lah. Why want to whine again and ask for more? Change your lifestyle lo.

Maybe we should go become vegetarian. So far vegetables not so much affected. But ah…did you know that some local governments don’t allow you to tanam vegetables and fruit trees? You sure did not know right? Go and check. Like that sure got issue one. High cost and try to live also cannot plant on own for sendiri eat. Last time we can go longkang get kangkong. Bossku also recommended in 2014. He is like Dr Strange. Can see the future. No need to talk about bela ayam itik la. That sure cannot as they sure shit here and there and worse than that irritating kucing.

So you see ah…sometimes when you have an open mind and hear some false talk…listen first. Sometimes can be really true one. You know ah, I liked what one person said. The reason we are like this now is because we are depending on the Government to provide a framework and order. But, when the clever ones do not go into politics, you would surely be led by the stupid ones in politics. This is true. We must encourage the clever to be in Government. The stupid like to use race and religion one. Cukup la kalau nak Keluarga Malaysia.

I think when we hear this ah…we should ask those fellas who want our vote this “You think I bodoh issit? ”