All Out to Wipe Out Illegal Gambling Activities in Subang Jaya

SUBANG JAYA OCPD ACP Abd Khalid Othman has one primary mission above all else – to wipe out all illegal gambling activities in the district!

In order to do this, he has promised to pay serious attention and investigate all confidential information provided by the public on illegal gambling activities in Subang Jaya.

Since taking the helm of the police district on October 28 2020, Abd Khalid has personally led raids on illegal gambling dens over the last six months.

On April 27, Abd Khalid led another raid on several premises along Jalan Pinggiran 1/9, this time around to make sure the said premises which had been raided previously remained closed.

Armed with a search warrant, police officers entered the said premises.

“We conducted a raid to check and confirm that the said premises have ceased operations. We found the equipment in the premises gone and electricity supply has also been cut.”

“Officers had been monitoring the premises day and night before our raid today,” he told reporters.

Abd Khalid said police had carried out seven raids from February to April 2021 on the premises.

On April 22, a police team led by Abd Khalid had raided two apartment units in Bandar Sunway (Sunway Geo Residence Condominium and Nautica Lake Suites Condominium) suspected of operating as call centres for online gambling.

“We arrested 8 workers aged between 18-33 years old and seized 3 computers, 2 laptops, 14 mobile phones, 1 modem and 1 pen drive at Sunway Geo Residence. At Nautica Lake Suites, we arrested two workers and seized 2 laptops, 6 mobile phones and 1 modem.”

“We believe both operations are run by the same syndicate promoting online gambling games like Roulette, Slot and Jackpot,” he said.

According to Abd Khalid, the operations at the Sunway Geo Residence is believed to be able to rake in RM150,000 to RM200,000 in bets while the operations at Nautica Lakes Suites could rake in about RM50,000 in bets monthly.

“Both premises are believed to have been operating over the last 8 months round-the-clock on two shifts,” he said.