Drain Grill Covers Targeted by Thieves

AFTER a series of burglaries and robberies, Subang Jaya is now facing the nuisance of thieves stealing drain grill covers from the front of their homes.

Steel drain grill covers are on the shopping list of a gang of thieves going around removing them from the entrance of driveways in broad daylight.

House owners in SS14, SS15, SS18 and SS19 have reported losing their drain covers over the past few weeks and it is believed the act is perpetrated by the same suspects.

CCTV footage from several homes recorded a red sedan car driving up to their front gate before a man alights and walks casually but speedily up to their gate before removing the grills from their driveway.

It is believed the suspects went from house-to-house like shopping from a shelf at a departmental store.

Rukun Tetangga chairman for SS15/2 & SS15/3 Michael Sundram said at least 12 grills were stolen from different houses in his neighbourhood.

“With the grill missing, there’s a big hole at the entrance just beyond the gate. People could fall in if they didn’t notice it.”

“Several house owners have lodged police reports over the theft,” he said.

CCTV footage from a house in SS15 showed the suspects driving up to the gate in a red sedan and removing the grills house after house on the same row.

Another footage recorded in SS19 also showed the same vehicle roaming the area before a suspect alighted to carry out his deed.