A husband and wife who were returning home at 8pm today (April 17) found themselves face-to-face with the sharp end of a machete when four men threatened them to hand over the keys to their car.

The husband and wife fled the scene when confronted by the four suspects on two motorcycles but luck was not on the husband’s side as he fell into a drain in his bid to escape the armed suspects.

Grey Toyota with registration plates WRR 2713

According to the police report made at 8.42pm, the husband was threatened with a machete as he lay injured in the drain.

One of the suspects demanded the husband hand over the car keys. Having no other choice, the husband relented and gave up his keys.

The suspects immediately fled the scene with the car.

The husband sustained injuries to his knee and shin as a result of the fall.

If you spot a grey Toyota with registration plates WRR 2713, contact the nearest police station.