Illegal Poultry Plant and Furniture Factory Raided

AN illegal poultry processing plant and a furniture factory which have been operating without a license in Kg Sri Aman, Puchong were raided recently by the Subang Jaya City Council in a joint operations with the Selangor Immigration Department.

Thirty three foreigners nabbed during the raid were hauled to the Immigration Department after the raid.Some of them were later found to have overstayed in the country while others were detained for various other offences under the Immigration Act.

During the midnight raid at the illegal poultry processing plant, slaughtered chicken were found in unhygienic storage and the premises reeked of chicken droppings and blood from the slaughtered birds were all over the floor. It is unknown where the slaughtered birds were being sent to for sale.

The foreigners ran in all directions when the authorities arrived at the location. Some tried to run while others tried to hide to avoid detection.

According to sources, both the poultry processing plant and furniture factory had been operating illegally for several years now without any proper approvals from the relevant authorities.