A Hive of Activities in Subang Jaya for Ramadan

SUBANG Jaya is a hive of activities during the Holy month of Ramadan. In the spirit of community engagement, initiatives and efforts are carried out by all quarters to celebrate this special month in the neighbourhood.

Distributing Kurma at Ramadan Bazaars

ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng takes the lead with her annual Ramadan month meet-the-people session. She spends her evenings at various Ramadan bazaars in the neighbourhood distributing kurma not only to traders plying their trade but also to the residents who show up at the bazaars for their breaking of fast shopping.

Sharing Food with Children’s Home for Breaking of Fast

SS15 Hexagon Rukun Tetangga members dropped in at Pertubuhan Rahoma Darul Fakir in USJ to share food for the teenagers at the home. Joined by MBSJ MPP Zon 1 councillor Ken Chia, the group dropped off dinner for breaking of fast and also other provisions for the home. The teenagers at the home also received their early Duit Raya from the visitors.

1,600 Packs of Bubur Lambuk Cooked Up at Summit USJ

Summit USJ cooked up 1,600 packs of bubur lambuk for distribution and sharing with their shoppers recently. Together with members of MBSJ MPP Zon 4 and Masjid Al-Falah, the shopping mall spent the whole morning preparing the porridge. Some of the early recipients included the personnel from the SS17 Fire & Rescue Department and the USJ8 police station.