EDITORIAL: Turning the Tide and Making Things Right Again in Subang Jaya

TIME and tide wait for no Man they say. In Subang Jaya however, we believe we can make things right by turning the tide on things that have gone wrong to make this city a better place for everyone.

In our May edition, we carried a Special Report “Is This Subang Jaya” which highlighted the many things that had gone wrong in Subang Jaya and which had been over sighted by the city council. Since then, we have been swarmed with Whatsapp messages from residents from across Subang Jaya who heeded our call to be our “eyes and ears” out there on the numerous issues and problems they face unresolved in their neighbourhood.

We are glad to come back and report that many of the issues we highlghted have been tackled by MBSJ Mayor Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yatim who is just into his first month as the head of the council. Despite being new to the city, Nohd Fauzi took it in his stride to hear the cries for intervention from residents and where it is possible to solve immediately, he has done so. Some issues which have been long standing problems will need time to resolve nevertheless.

Mohd Fauzi has set tongues wagging within the city council as he swiftly acts on the complaints he receives from the normal man and woman on the street. He has also set aside protocol by jumping into the back seat of a civilian vehicle with ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng to go around town to get to the root of the problems which needed attention. MBSJ’s enforcement arm has been “recharged” to carry out the necessary in upholding the laws that govern city folks.

While we do not expect miracles to happen overnight, we are glad that Mohd Fauzi has shown a glimmer of hope that MBSJ will now be resuscitated and rejuvenated to carry out its job as a local authority with integrity, fairness and the right aptitude as well as attitude.

We hear through the grapevines that he is also looking into how MBSJ conducts and runs its community engagement events. It is our hope that recurring events organised by MBSJ in the near future can be more inclusive in nature and take into account the needs and wants of the community to make it more acceptable and fun to be involved in.

Subang Jaya has been our home for many decades for most of us. We are known as one, if not the most thriving community in the country because of our diversity, our tenacity as well as our spirit of togetherness. No man is an island; and even more so, no man is above another. Community leaders play a very important role in Subang Jaya. They have to walk the talk. Their responsibility is to build a better tomorrow and not destroy it with their own ego, greed and self-interest. As much as we want MBSJ to improve in its stewardship of Subang Jaya, so should community leaders. Be the builders of Subang Jaya not the terminators.

June marks the last few weeks of the Selangor State Assembly. Word has it, the State Assembly will be dissolved within the next few weeks and we will all go into election mode, this time around to choose our elected State representatives. Kopitiams will again be the centrepoints of gossips and speculation as voters (and non-voters) share their own views of what election candidates are going to throw in their direction.

Having just gone through GE-15, we are well seasoned, oiled and matured to embrace the State elections. We look forward to the shenanigans that some hopefuls will throw in our direction and enjoy the “shows” that will be organised to entertain us before we decide who will form the next State government. The good performing Yang Berhormats are expected to be retained while the not-to-top-form YBs may be replaced. But that’s just from me, having my first dip into what’s coming next. What’s your take?

In the meantime, please continue to share with us unresolved issues in your neighbourhood. Download the Timestamp Camera Free App on your phone and start taking photographs of chronic issues that have taken too long to be addressed. Whatsapp them to us at 0123288557. Make sure you set the App to record the date and location of the highlighted problem that you are going to photograph. Send us a brief on what the problem is.