How Safe are Our Roads in Subang Jaya?

WITH the recent fatal accident along Persiaran Tujuan last month, many motorists have questioned the safety of our roads in Subang Jaya and have asked for a review of the road design and engineering.

Within days of the incident which occurred between USJ2 and USJ3/1 along Persiaran Tujuan, ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng had called on MPSJ’s engineering department and the Malaysia Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) to visit several “accident prone” areas to study and revert on possible measures to be taken to reduce the risk of accidents.

Michelle had also requested for traffic accident reports from the police to input into the study which is hoped to come up with some recommendations on proactive measures to make these stretches safer for motorists travelling in and out of Subang Jaya.

The group visited the following stretches:

  1. Exit from the New Pantai Expressway to Persiaran Tujuan (USJ bound);
  2. Pedestrian crossing along Persiaran Tujuan between SS18 and SS19;
  3. Both sides of the road along Persiaran Tujuan between SS18 and SS19;
  4. Both sides of the road along Persiaran Tujuan between USJ2 and USJ3/1’;
  5. The exit from Persiaran Tujuan towards the Federal Highway (KL bound)

According to Michelle, MIROS had been asked to carry out a safety audit on the roads mentioned above and also the following stretches:

  1. The stretch from the Federal Highway heading in to Persiaran Tujuan;
  2. The junction between Jalan TP2 and Persiaran Setia;
  3. The ramp from the NPE to Persiaran Tujuan heading out to the Federal Highway (KL bound);

According to police records of traffic accidents in Subang Jaya from January to June 2019, a total of 57 cases had been reported (see attached chart).

The safety audit by MIROS is expected to be ready this month. It is expected to be studied and recommendations will be made based on the report.

In the meantime, share with us your thoughts on this matter. Are our roads safe or is it our driving that’s putting us at risk of injury? Email us at [email protected].