Maximizing Your Time In 2023

By Paul Yung


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


In the final article for 2022, this is the time I take for reflection and resolutions.

2022 has been the year of re-openings, and it’s hard for me to imagine how different life was last December because of restrictions.


The re-openings have come at a cost for me, personally. Since the relaxation of restrictions, I’ve had to travel significantly more, which means the undisturbed quality time I have had with my family over the last 2 years have come to an abrupt stop.


This set me thinking on how I can manage my time in such a way that I can still spend time with family without missing out on opportunities.


First thing I realized is that after scheduling our time, there is still only 24 hours a day. Therefore, the efficacy of time management is also limited.


The best strategy I know to maximize time comes in three parts, automate, delegate, and eliminate. Automating simply means doing a task one time, and not having to think about it again. The simplest example is setting up recurring payments or standing orders. Setting the payments up the first time may be a pain, but the peace of mind we get after that first pain is worth it. There are an abundance of apps and algorithms out there that can help us to automate tasks which can help you to save a ton of time in the future.


If you can’t automate it, delegate it. Taking the time to delegate out work tasks to your team, and household tasks your spouse, helps to foster understanding and save future time.

For example, I have delegated out hiring and purchasing decisions to my heads of departments. Sure, sometimes people walk through the door that I have no idea is a new employee, but the time I have saved is just mind blowing. You must trust your team, set the correct parameters to reduce abuse and delegate tasks that don’t require your personal attention and your future time will thank you.


Finally, eliminate everything you don’t need to spend your time on. Ask yourself if what and who you are spending your time on is what you need to spend your time on if you couldn’t automate or delegate it. Eliminating the amount of time spent on social media and screen time is incredibly liberating. Eliminating toxic people in your life will not only save you time, but also headspace and mental well-being.


Maximize your time in 2023 by automating, delegating, and eliminating. Personally, every time I go through this exercise, what I find I’m really doing is discovering and prioritizing what’s important in my life now. Time is the most precious resource in life, spend it only on people and things that are worth it, especially during this holiday season.


I want to thank all of you for reading my articles in SJ Echo this year. I cannot wait to share more thoughts with you in 2023.

Here’s wishing all who celebrate, Merry Christmas and to everyone Happy New Year!