NURTURING plants started off as a hobby for three gardening enthusiasts in Subang Jaya. Each of them was motivationally driven differently. For Crystal Wong, gardening started off as a hobby; dabbling in edible plants and vegetables. Erwin Tong stepped into the garden because he was curious about plants and wanted to test his one true skill – nurturing. For Yeoh Jit Shiong, it was a hobby he picked up to destress at home after work.

Gardening has however grown on them like moss growing on rocks along a stream. These three USJ9 residents have since graduated into turning their hobby into a sustainable initiative right from their garden. Crystal and Erwin have turned their hobby into a home-based business while Jit Shiong has turned it into one that helps pay for his hobby or to exchange plants with other gardening enthusiasts.

We caught up with them recently to find out more about their green venture.


I started dabbling in plants when I moved to my present house which had a garden for me to play around in.

Gardening is still a hobby more than a business for me. I do earn some money from selling the extra plants I have but the money I earned is barely enough to sustain the hobby itself. Can’t really call this a business right?

I started selling off some of the plants after I noticed that some of them were growing too rapidly. When I trim them away, I might as well earn some pocket money.

During MCO, plant prices sky rocketed and I found myself spending way too much on plants. So I set a rule for myself. Any future purchases, shall be from the earnings from selling plants. If not, I’ll be shopping endlessly.

I can’t remember the first plant I sold off. But I’m pretty sure it’s one of those common and easier to handle ones.

Honestly, I am a plant killer! I don’t specialise in any plant. All the plants I sell are just propagations of my own personal plants. Take care of them, they happy…. they multiply. Then sell them off. Win- win.

Gardening is just a hobby for me. I don’t look at it as a business. The sales are just a way to sustain the hobby itself. I would say if this was a business, I would have considered myself a failure. Hahaha.

Everyone has different preferences. Some of the plants which are considered weed by some gardeners have value to those who appreciate them.

My advise to new gardeners – We have to understand the plant’s need. An easy plant for me may not be easy for another person.

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