Speeding and Road Safety Deficiencies Cause of Accidents in Subang Jaya

SPEEDING and road safety deficiencies have been identified as two of the major contributing factors for vehicular accidents on six major roads in Subang Jaya, according to the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS).

The one-month long study carried out by the MIROS on six stretches of roads was presented to ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng late last month. The six were:

  1. Exit from the New Pantai Expressway to Persiaran Tujuan (USJ bound);
  2. Pedestrian crossing along Persiaran Tujuan between SS18 and SS19;
  3. Both sides of the road along Persiaran Tujuan between SS18 and SS19;
  4. Both sides of the road along Persiaran Tujuan between USJ2 and USJ3/1’;
  5. The exit from Persiaran Tujuan towards the Federal Highway (KL bound)
  6. The start of Persiaran Tujuan from the Federal Highway

“We engaged MIROS to assess the six stretches during peak hours (7am to 8am) and off-peak hours (10am to 11am).”

“The team reviewed the road functions & characteristics; vehicle speed; traffic volume count; pedestrian & bicyclist volume count and road safety deficiencies,” she said.

According to MIROS, the study revealed that motorists were not abiding by the speed limit for the different stretches of roads studied.

“There is low compliance to the speed limits for the roads. Majority of the motorists are travelling above the speed limit.”

“The study also found road safety deficiencies along the six stretches of roads,” she said.

Poor road furniture condition, faded road markings, insufficient road signs, sub-standard bus lay-by, poor pedestrian and motorcycle facilities condition and traffic signal coordination requires fast improvement and proper scheduled maintenance program were among the deficiencies identified by the study.

“We will share this study with MPSJ and identify what needs to be done to make our roads safer.” she added.