Traditional Sweet Desserts to Blow You Away

    SUBANG JAYA’s well-kept secret is out! Leong’s Sweet Desserts is making everyone happy with their delicious servings of “tong-sui”. Have you tried their “leng-chee-kang”? You have to try it to know what’s been buzzing in the community.

    Their unassuming food truck along Jalan SS15/4D serves at least 11 varieties of “tong-sui”, by far the biggest choice offered to those who love the homemade specialties. You may wonder what they serve. We’ll tell you. They have peanut paste; black sesame paste; sweet peanut puree; green bean soup; bubur cha cha; organic tau fu fa; “leng-chee-kang”; red bean soup; black glutinous rice soup; yuba barley; and sweet wheat porridge.

    Pssssttttt! We’ll let you in on a small secret. Their bubur cha cha and “leng-chee-kang” are top favourites.

    On top of that, the food truck also has organic soya bean drink; healthy grass jelly drink; sugar cane and water chestnut herbal tea and ginseng honey chrysanthemum tea.

    That’s a truck load of good stuff waiting for anyone who enjoys sweet desserts to drive by and enjoy at reasonable and affordable prices.

    Hop over to Leong’s Sweet Dessert right away. The food truck at SS15 is located along SS15/4D and is normally parked in front of TK Bakery. The second food truck is at USJ10 Taipan along USJ10/1 and is normally parked in front of Herbs ‘N’ Food.