YES! We have made it through a tough and challenging 2020. We have our feet firmly on 2021 and it’s now up to us to make the best of the coming year ahead.

The New Year promises greater things than it did the same time last year. This time around, we look forward to a vaccine for Covid-19 which had plundered our lives throughout the last 10 months. There appears to be a silver lining in the horizon as the world anticipates the vaccines to help curb the spread of the virus.

So, let’s look forward with our chins held high and plan for a catch up of what we wanted to do last year. Many will no doubt hope that there will come a time for our borders to be opened to allow for some travels; while others rebuild their careers and businesses.

On the home front in Subang Jaya many things have changed in the last year. Subang Jaya finally became a city. During the whole lockdown, Subang Jaya stood up to show what it was made of; extending a helping hand to the needy when they needed it the most and making sure no one was left behind. The people who stepped forward to help while putting their own safety and health at risk are too many to name one by one but one thing we know for sure, they were all Subang Jaya folks.

We’ve all been deprived of hosting or enjoying our festivals in the fullest in 2020. Hari Raya, Deepavali and even Christmas celebrations were all toned down because of the pandemic. Even as we make plans for Chinese New Year this year, there is always that little voice in our head that tells us to celebrate in moderation and to always make sure all the SOPs are adhered to while enjoying ourselves.

December 31 2020 marked the end of the two-year for 24 councillors serving the Subang Jaya City Council. That means, we will soon have nominations for a new set of councilors (not necessarily new faces) to serve the coming term. Some had performed well while a few may have fallen back because they lacked experience or the drive to serve the community.

While we wait for local elections to finally be introduced, it is imperative that these 24 councillors be chosen not based on political party lines but more importantly on their capability to serve. I have been fortunate to have worked with several efficient councilors but I have also encountered councilors who don’t even bother to answer Whatsapp messages or calls. To serve well, councilors must have their ears to the ground and their hearts with the people they serve. It’s not just a fancy dress suit attending formal functions to be seen by your political masters; it’s a job to serve the people in your designated zone.

It is my hope that our newly minted Mayor Noraini Roslan will scrutinize the list of candidates for councillorship and put them through the acid test before they are invited in to serve. Having 24 performing councilors will make her job easier at the helm of MBSJ; and a nightmare if she has inefficient individuals.

It is my hope that 2021 will also be the year where we see and experience less water disruptions in Selangor and specifically Subang Jaya. Enough of the finger pointing on who is responsible and who is powerless. Is it so  difficult to supply clean, safe and uninterrupted water supply? If the powers that be cannot manage it, it’s time to hand the baton over to someone else who can.

Chinese New Year is just slightly over a month away. I am sure many are already making plans to balik kampong for the festivity. However, I do hear many are planning to stay back this year to avoid the crowds and to also avoid putting themselves at risk of being exposed or exposing their loved ones with Covid-19.

For this editorial, we share with you a poem that’s put together by Meera Badmanaban, a Subang Jaya resident who sent us her self-compiled piece which we felt would be a good start for 2021.

Have a good and safe year everyone!!