Feeling Thankful for a Good Year That Was in 2019

I write this after a long day during my Christmas trip. The day didn’t go exactly as planned. I lost a pair of sandals that I really liked. They withstood all sorts of terrain – mountainous climbs, water, and long treks. The sad part is that I purchased it quite recently.

To be very honest, I allowed losing that pair of sandals to ruin my day. I was so fixated with what went wrong that I lost sight of everything that went right up until that point. And that got me thinking – this lesson applies to our everyday. Sometimes, we are so caught up in that one small thing and we allow it to rob us of the joy from everything else.

So in ending 2019, I choose to give thanks. There are 10 things / person(s) I want to give thanks to.

First, to my office staff – you guys have come a long way. Some of you have never worked in an office or dealt with front desk work. We all started on the same footing – not knowing anything. Yet you guys smiled through all the punches that this job threw. I cannot be more grateful for each of you for being my rock since Day 1.

Two, Subang Jaya’s 4 councillors! Two of you started out very new. But all of you have served in your own way. Thank you for being dedicated, for walking each resident through their issues with roads, drains, trees, shops, cats, dogs, rats, parks etc. For attending all the countless meetings to make sure that the council’s policies are up to date. Subang Jaya is better because of each of you.

Three, to all community leaders. Each of you have been so generous with your knowledge, your time and energy in making Subang Jaya the vibrant community that it is. You’ve stood with me through many, many crisis – each time all of you dug deep and brought out, instead, the best side of the community.

Four, to the Penggerak Belia Tempatan Chairmen! You guys have crafted a very exciting direction for SJ’s youth, and I cannot wait to see it rolled out! I know the information overload involved in dealing with community and agencies – but hang in there, and I am sure you will pull through.

Five, to the SJ Care Warriors’ team! Raising awareness about mental health is a mammoth task, given the stigma. I can however sense that the ground is Subang Jaya is ready for the next level, thanks to all the training that you guys have been conducting.

Six, to all MPSJ staff who have worked with me through each case. I am still in awe of the fact that the council manages in 2019 with 1996 assessment rates. Each of you has been pleasant to work with and each of you has taught me so much about working without complaining – however tough the job gets.

Seven, to our Subang Jaya firemen. The loss of one of your comrade is probably the toughest episode any of you would have to face this year. I remember very clearly the scene in SJMC, and later on in HKL – how each of you held the other together. Yet literally the day after the ordeal, all of you gathered back together to serve Subang Jaya. Thank you all for sacrificing your lives for the safety of our residents.

Eight, to all the policemen in Subang Jaya, and especially the three OCS, past and present – Tuan Salmin, Tuan Jasni, Tuan Sulaiman. You guys are literally family to our community. You have led your men with dedication and have left very big shoes for your successors to fill. I remember all the patrolling photos sent in the CP group in the wee hours of the morning, especially during festive seasons, where some of you would give up the festivities and time with family just to keep our homes safe.

Nine, to my family, who have been ever so supportive. I know that you too had to adjust to my new job, especially in being unable to spend as much time at home as I once did. I am grateful that all of you have been so understanding in journeying this new life with me.

Last, but most importantly, to my Almighty God. I find it in me to love everyone that comes through my door, because He loved me first.

So, what are you thankful for in 2019?