Getting to the Bottom of Water Disruptions in Selangor

By Michelle Ng

I hope all of you are all in good health and adjusting well during the Recovery Movement Control Order. Since last month, places of worship can now reopen and Form 5 & 6 students have returned to school, gatherings can also take place – all subject to compliance with the standard operating procedures issued by the National Security Council and State Government. As for my office, things have not returned 100% to normal. We usually have an average of about 10 community programmes to attend during the weekends – out of caution, many Residents Association and Rukun Tetanggas have taken the right decision to only gather where necessary.

It is for that reason that we have to change the way we deliver news regarding community developments. Allow me to summarise key issues that happened over the last month.

Select Committee on Selangor Water Resource

In the last State Assembly sitting, I was appointed Chairlady of the Select Committee on Selangor Water Resource. We conducted an investigation into the incidents of water contamination that led to shutdown of Water Treatment Plants. The Select Committee will be tabling 38 recommendations in the upcoming July sitting. In accordance with the Standing Orders, I am not allowed to disclose the contents of our findings. Do however keep your eyes peeled for it.

Ramadhan/Raya contribution to mosques and suraus

As we do every year, my office will contribute RM2000 to all masjids and RM1000 to all suraus in Subang Jaya. Ordinarily, this allocation would be used for events or programmes. As we know, the Movement Control Order disallowed gatherings. However, a knock on effect of the MCO was a decrease in contribution during the Ramadhan period, which affected their operation costs. My hope is that the allocation would help in alleviating these burdens.

Walkway from Subang Jaya LRT Station towards AEON

Having received feedback from the community of the condition of the walkway from the Subang Jaya LRT Staton towards AEON – haphazard patching of potholes that were often filled with water when it rained – I decided to meet Tan Sri Zeti of Sime Darby Property Bhd a few months ago to ask that the walkway be repaired. It has since been done. To all users, please note that this is private land, and that the walkway is meant to be temporary until future development takes place.

Recycling Project

My office has provided grants of a maximum of RM5000 to four apartments – Laman Baiduri, Indera Court, Residensi Laguna and Arcadia – to equip their premises with recycling facilities. In the last year, MPSJ was able to save about RM1mil due to recycling. Expand such savings and this can translate into more money for other expenditure such as infrastructure and maintenance. I intend to make this a continuous project.

These are the key updates from my office. Until next time, if you have any queries or issues, please feel free to email me at [email protected], and I will do my best to assist. You may also follow us on Facebook (, Instagram (@michelle.ngmeisze) or Twitter (@michellengms) for more constant updates.