No to USJ18 Project

Take Your Project Elsewhere

Residents are up in arms over a project proposal in USJ18 which proposes to build a food court; sports complex; banquet hall and exhibition centre

RESIDENTS have rejected a proposal to develop a plot of land in USJ18 to house a food court; sports complex; banquet hall and exhibition centre in their neighbourhood.

The 5-acres plot of land along Jalan USJ18/7 is gazetted for the construction of a school under the Ministry of Education. It has been left idle for years and is now overgrown with trees and undergrowth.

It is understood that two developers have proposed to build a food court and sports complex; together with a wedding banquet hall and exhibition centre on the plot of land. The project proposal according to sources had been mooted with the Subang Jaya Municipal Council.

Residents in the surrounding neighbourhoods caught wind of the proposal and have raised their objections to the proposal.

Persatuan Penduduk USJ 17 ResTrees chairman Dato Gan Boon Sin said the project was unnecessary as the size of the project would add to the already congested roads in the area namely Jalan USJ18/7 which leads to Persiaran Kewajipan.

“We see no benefit in allowing such a project to be built in a residential area. As it is, the surrounding areas are densely built and we are seeing more congestion on the roads even now.”

“The project will worsen the traffic congestion around the housing area, the mosque and school nearby,” he said, adding that the single lane roads would not be able to cope with the expected increase in traffic volume.

Residents Association of USJ17 Chester president Tong Woo Lian said residents did not support the project.

“Residents from USJ17 and USJ18 will suffer if the project is allowed. The congestion that will result will add more burden to road users who already have to face heavy traffic along and around this area.”

“No one will benefit from the food court. We have more than enough food courts in Subang Jaya and USJ. We do not need another one,” she said, adding that many of the existing food courts were deserted.

USJ18 Residents Association chairman Lee Chai Choon disagreed with the need for another development in the neighbourhood.

“Residents from USJ18 have more than enough commercial areas to cater to their needs. We have plenty of restaurants, cafes and shopping malls nearby.”

“We do not need another food court and other facilities to be built in our neighbourhood,” he said.

Lee said the magnitude of the project would result in traffic congestion, indiscriminate parking along the residential roads, noise pollution, a rise in rodent issues, and even crime.

“We object to the project as it will not bring any benefit to the community. Instead, it will give us more problems,” he added.

Adrian Lim who resides in USJ17 when approached for his comments about the project proposal stressed that food courts should be situated in areas where there are a lot of people working and needing a quick meal on a budget.

“The project site is in USJ18 and is surrounded by residential with no commercial or industrial activities nearby.”

“The project if allowed to go ahead will draw traffic into the residential area, making it hard for residents to get in or out of the area,” he said.

Adrian said the location of the project was unsuitable.

“The project proponent should move it to a struggling commercial area. It will help boost traffic there.”

“The project will worsen the gridlock in the area. The road infrastructure cannot cope with such a project,” he said, adding that a food court for example will only attract patrons from outside the neighbourhood.

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