Subang Jaya Traders & Buyers Go Online for Ramadhan Bazaar

THIS Ramadhan, Subang Jaya residents will probably not miss out on their once-a-year treats with the cancellation of Ramadhan Bazaars across Selangor.

Thanks to 24-year-old Muhammad Aznur Azman, we may all still get to enjoy most of the specialties offered at our favourite bazaar in Subang Jaya during the fasting month, without even having to leave home.

Born and raised in Subang Jaya, Aznur who lives in USJ12 couldn’t bear the thought of the plight of the traders at the various Ramadhan bazaars with the cancellation of the annual festival of food this year. He was also worried that he will not be able to enjoy the delectable offerings at the bazaars like all of us.

It however didn’t take too long for this UiTM human resource and management graduate from coming up with an online platform to get the traders and buyers (people like you and I) together to share what is being offered by the traders of the stalls and what buyers are looking for.

“I wanted to get the Bazaar Ramadhan market to an online platform. I chose Facebook as it is a general and most common online platform for everyone to use.”

“The Selangor government had also encouraged us when it said Selangorians could buy & sell through online platforms for Ramadhan,” he told SJEcho.

According to Aznur, his initiative was purely to help the traders “meet” the buyers online and he had no intention to commercialise his efforts.

“Many people are reeling from the effects of Covid-19 and the Movement Control Order which was put in place to curtail the spread of the virus. Many small business owners were forced to close shop and this has impacted them in many ways.”

“This Ramadhan Bazaar platform will give the opportunity to small business owners who normally trade at bazaars the opportunity to go online to sell their food and products,” he said, adding that this was also the opportunity to utilise the internet of things to improve their business operations.

Aznur said the the initiative will be the platform for buyers and sellers to communicate through an online platform.

“Right now the majority of the members in the group are buyers. We are still looking for more sellers and vendors.”

“We are here to help any seller or vendor who is not sure on how to run their business on this platform. Everyone in the group may give their thoughts and ideas to help the individuals who are having trouble,” he added.

Aznur said his ultimate goal for this group is to encourage the community of Subang Jaya to work together and go through this tough period as one community regardless of race, religion or culture.

“I feel it is my duty as a youth living in Selangor to help my community in this tough and trying times,” he concluded.

Are you a regular trader at the various Ramadhan bazaars across Subang Jaya? Do you want to get help going online to promote and sell this coming Ramadhan? Or are you an interested resident who wants to shop for Ramadhan delicacies this year?

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