A Dozen Lions Come to Live at Guan Di Temple Just in Time for CNY

TWELVE lions were “brought to live” at Guan Di Temple Bandar Sunway before Chinese New Year; just in time to bring the festive cheer to Subang Jaya and other areas in the Klang Valley.

In the lions awakening ritual, paint is dotted onto the lions as a symbol of life-giving. Dotting the eyes allows it to “see”; the nose to “smell”, the ears to “hear” the beating of the drums and the mouth for it to “taste”.

According to temple chairman Koay Teng Koon, the final touch is to paint a stretch of red ink from the top of the lion’s head along its spine right to the tail.

“This empowers the lion to fulfil its duty of bringing good luck, prosperity, health and protection wherever it performs.”

“We are lucky to have 12 lions for this ceremony this year. All the lions are sponsored by individuals,” he said.

The temple grounds was filled with the beating of drums and the crashing of cymbals as all 12 lions came to live to perform much to the excitement of the crowd that had gathered to witness the event.

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