By Sarawakian

This Chinese New Year has been quite a basah one todate. Many tempat are facing rain falls and cool weather. In Subang Jaya, when it stops hujan, the suhu naik sampai 33 deg C. Tapi malam malam pagi pagi can sampai 24 deg C. Ok la. Tidur buka tingkap tak payah pasang kipas. Petang boleh jalan so not so panas.

This tahun Arnab is the wettest Tahun Baru Cina that I can ever remember. Normally there would be rain but intermittent and bukan selalu. It has been an interesting permulaan this year. Let us hope the rain is a sign of huat for the country kan?

Hari itu I went to visit my kawan kawan who celebrated Chinese New Year. Semua sembang sembang cakap sudah lama tidak boleh enjoy kaw kaw. The tin tin beer pun also semua keluar. Shandy pun ada. Rasa macam Zappel campur Beer bah. We also tengok semua budak budak main pop pop. Tikam sini tikam sana. So happy.

In our borak borak, keluar also the topik about the interesting parti that sacked and gantung ahli some prominent people. This leader banyak bagus oooo…my friend said. Dia punya bola banyak besar. First, he tak bagi tanding election parlimen. Then he cakap semua kena ikut but Unity Government and jangan main main number number. Now he hentam those that make the parti susah and bikin dia punya kepala sakit. 3 kali punya sucker punch. Habis la all the fella.

Sekarang my friend said, tengok nanti dia orang cakap tak adil la, tak bagi chan la…itu ini lah…tengok nanti join parti la or buat new parti la… macam macam. He also said that harap harap macam ini this Unity Government will be more stable. Tapi he said, kena tengok itu Sabah apa macam. He said maybe Sabah ada election this year. This year pun sure ada election Negri Sembilan, Selangor, Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu. Ask me to comment. I told my friend, eh, now Chinese New Year have to say and talk bout good things leh…. Not talk bout people lah though maybe ada betul punya komen.

We then moved our topic to badminton. This badminton pun also very good now. We have a Malaysian women doubles pair which main banyak bagus. Even when kalah, they still smile. They try to win at every opportunity. Tak takut even if bila ambil risiko, boleh kalah. We all believe that this semangat very good for us to copy. Jangan give up. Three tournaments so far, those two masuk this year and in the last two in India and Indonesia, they masuk Semi Finals. The first one in Malaysia, kalah in first round. They did not lose because they are not good, they lost because the lawan lebih bagus at that match. If you watch them play, your mata also cannot go away from the TV sampai habis. Their skills and coordination sangat baik.

Maybe we should have more badminton co-curricular activities for schools. This sukan is already an Olympic Sport. Mana tahu, we have many gold medals in future. Football, pula we think kena tukar format sikit. Let Sabah and Sarawak run their own leagues. Too mahal to pakai kapal terbang to main in Semenanjung for most of the away matches. Sabah and Sarawak can run their own punya liga. That way, the teams can be made of districts yang sedia ada. Croatia pun only over 3.8 million population also can be World class as they sampai one final and one semifinal in the last two Piala Dunia.

Maybe Malaysia can also buat a pertandingan badminton tertutup. That way, they can go through all the states in Semenanjung and then campur wilayah Sabah and Sarawak. Ada 11 negeri, 2 wilayah Sabah and Sarawak and 3 wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan. Can make an entire year calendar with this. That way, Malaysian badminton can have a string of domestic competition to wakil negara later.

Our sukan kena focus on domestic sports and also the sekolah. We need padangs back in school and more gelanggang for basketball, volleyball, speak takraw and badminton. We need to live the motto……” Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara.”

Tak lama after this, we would have the puasa month starting in weeks to come. Then Hari Raya Puasa. We have much to celebrate in the first half of 2023. Let us hope the Arnab-Arnab continue to lompat lompat happily instead of lompat lompat kerana tak seronok duduk.

After finishing all the kacang kacang and the tin tin semua kemas dalam tong, we bade Kong Hee Fatt Choy and headed out together to our next rumah kawan. This time kita pergi sana for barbeque. Dia cakap dia ada special katak gemuk to barbeque. Rasa macam ayam. So, we pergi try try. My friend tak pernah barbeque katak.

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